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Wrath is a Character exclusive to the Full Metal Alchemist anime, where he is the homunculus created when Izumi Curtis tried to bring her baby back to life with alchemy. He has the ability to fuse himself with objects & is unique among the Homunculi because he can perform alchemy.

Awakening as HomunculusEdit

After using Ed's Arm & Leg to open the gate, Wrath lived on Yock Island until the Elric Brother's found him when they returned there to reflect on the lessons they learned. Their Teacher then invited the Homunculus to live with her in Dublith after recognizing it as her child. Both the Military & Greed were interested in Wrath, resulting in him being taken to Southern HQ by Major Armstrong, where everyone fought over him. Envy then gave Wrath several red stones to restore his memory after taking the child while disguised as Fuhrer King Bradley. After Izumi takes Wrath back to where she transmuted him, the Elrics stop him from killing her.

Believing Sloth is his MotherEdit

He appears again underneath Liore & fights Edward Elric while partnered with Sloth. When Rose's baby starts crying he is reminded of The Gate, which weakens Wrath & results in him angrily attacking Rose, only to be stopped by Ed. After Killing Lust he questioned why it was he wanted to be human & concluded that protecting his mother was all that mattered to him & he fused himself with the remains Ed was planning to use to kill Sloth. When he noticed The Elric Brothers were winning against Sloth he attempted to fuse himself with her forgetting that he had already fused with her weakness. After watching her disappear he wanted to use Al's Philosopher's Stone to bring the homunculus he believed to be his mother back. He ran off again after he encountered his real mother & later tried to beg Dante to let him try to recreate Sloth, only for Envy to throw him against the door.

End of Series & Conqueror of ShamballaEdit


  • "Thank you for this incomplete life, nothing can match my gratitude, not even my hate"
  • "You mean you wanted to become Human so you could die? Then Why Do I Want to Be Human?!"
  • "You aren't my Mommy! You're Nothing to Me!"
  • "I just want to be with my mommy again"


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