Winry Rockbell in Episode 8
Winry Rockbell is Edward Elric's Automail Mechanic in the Full Metal Alchemist series.

Early SeriesEdit

Winry was a childhood friend of the Elric Brothers & was terrified when she 1st saw them use Alchemy to make her a doll. Her parents were killed while serving as doctors in Ishbol during the war there. After Alphonse carried Edward to her home following their human transmutation attempt in 1910, she crafted an automail arm & leg for Ed to replace the limbs he had lost. The following year after he passed the State Alchemy Exam she went to visit him in Central, however her love of machines resulted in her being abducted by Barry the Butcher. Edward Elric then came to her rescue while investigating the serial killer.

Rush ValleyEdit

Friendship With ScheskaEdit

After learning about Hughes death she meets Scheska & together they decide to investigate The Fuhrer's Secretary by tapping into the phone lines. Winry overhears Sloth talking to Envy before she attacks them, resulting in Winry discovering that Sloth was Trisha Elric.

Preparations for the Promised DayEdit


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