Quotation1 In other words, the maid knew that the fortune-teller was still alive. She called out to the fortune-teller in Arabic, tricking her, telling her it was safe in front of the door, then shot the lock... and the fortune-teller together. Most likely, the reason the fortune-teller was shot through the left eye was because she tried peeking through the keyhole Quotation2
Victorique de Blois in episode 1.
Victorica de blois

Victorique de Blois (ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ Vikutorika do Burowa) is one of the main characters from Gosick. she is a almost doll-like, girl with long golden hair and emerald eyes and a voice that sounds exactly like that of an older woman. Another important part of Victorique's appearance is a pipe that she smokes when thinking about something. She also acts very mature for her age. she is first seen in the anime all alone and very bored.


  • "Don't look like a girl drowned in fantasy."
  • "Regrettably, I am indeed alive."
  • (After building a wall of books.) "You may not breach this wall of wisdom."
  • "A wise and ancient Grey Wolf and her blockhead servent."
  • "My Wellspring of Wisdom told me so!"
  • "You're late, Springtime Reaper."
  • "You got here later than I expected, so I got bored."
  • "This is... precious to me. So... so precious..."
  • "The fountain of wisdom told me so."
  • "Why was manservant Indian and the maid Arabian?"
  • "mistress, someone is after your life. You heard the gunshot just before, didn't you? move away from the window and come near the door."
  • "'The fragments of chaos are all lined up."


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