They're ready to win...or not. Count on the latter more.

Umisho (Kenkō Zenrakei Suieibu Umishō) is a manga series and also an anime produced in the 2000's, with slightly mature themes and some fanservice, though it is mostly a humor and romance story, set in a high school swimming team in Umineko in Kanagawa Prefecture. Much to the chagrin and contrary to the efforts of a few of its members, it is far from being a winning team. Full of eccentrics and others of dubious intent (Five boys and twelve girls, all in swimsuits-do the math), it is about to get its wildest member ever, the modesty-challenged Ninagawa Amuro, a girl who swims like a fish, and who seems eerily familiar to the team's manager Okiura Kaname, a boy who, as a result of a near-drowning incident when he was a child, is afraid to swim. In a team of egos, perverts, and phobes of various types, Amuro starts to fit right in. They will need her if they want to advance their standings against the other schools.

Members without separate articlesEdit

Himekawa Kaori - A young woman from a family of rather intense, and one might say, insane, martial artists. While disputing the team's managerial assignments under Kaname, she threatened everyone with a bow and arrow before they talked her down. A mishap caused by Amuro nearly ended up getting Kaname shot in the crotch. Himekawa is a champion at archery.Edit

Kise Sanae - Along with Orizuka, a founder of the swim team, not to mention a troublemaker and shameless storyteller. Apt to cause someone trouble just for kicks, though she was never truly cruel.