Trunks Trying to Reason With Vegeta in Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan

Coming from another timeline, Trunks was initially seen killing Frieza & King Cold as a super saiyan on Earth. He then led the Z-fighters to where Goku would later land, & reveals to Goku that 3 years later they would fight the androids, with only Gohan surviving. He also revealed that he is the son of Vegeta & Bulma from 20 years in the future & gives Goku medicine for his Heart Virus. He made Goku promise not to tell anyone about what he said, which Piccolo also heard, before he returned to his own time. Trunks returns 3 years later to help them fight the androids, however he discovered that events were happening differently than in his timeline.


  • "The only destiny i believe in is the destiny that i make for myself!"


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