Go ahead. Underestimate the ninja kid riding in twenty armored tons of metal...

Suzuishi Hiroshi is a character in the early 80's anime series Go Lion. The youngest member of the team, he pilots the Green Lion.

Said to be the descendant of a ninja clan, Suzuishi, affectionately nicknamed 'Shorty' by his teammates, was instrumental in their escape from the slave dungeons of Emperor Daibazaal on Galra. His ability to leap incredible distances without real effort means that while he is the physically weakest of the team, he can move faster than any of them. While capable, he has needed rescue several times, including becoming badly lost when the Go Lion team was first activating the Lion ships, though this led to the ultimate recovery of the key to the critical Black Lion, and the first modern formation of the super-robot Go Lion. A bit of an explorer even while not in space, Suzuishi hates being called a kid, especially by other kids. His reliable support is critical to the success of the team, and his fearlessness against the Galran enemies shows that he is not a sidekick or student, but a full team member. He does show signs of being a kid, though. His crush on the Princess is very adolescent in nature, and his rivalry with the Space Mice is downright childish. He complains about the attitude presented to him by Lady Hys, but the two do care about each other, with the motherless Suzuishi admitting he can't figure out what they would do without her. Suzuishi again learns the harsh lessons of dealing with Galra when an alien being used by Sincline as a Giant MechaBeast focuses her maternal instincts on him, only to be brutally slain by the Galrans when her usefulness was at an end. Though his effectiveness in a later battle was limited, he fearlessly ran right at Sincline and Honerva, in a reckless effort at angry payback. Suzuishi was among those who most keenly felt the loss of Shirogane Takashi and ultimately the Earth itself. The team is protective of their little brother, and he of them. If Shorty and Princess are somehow the team's weakest links, then this is testimony to just how strong the team really is. Except for his youth, he is likely the smartest member of the team, again with none of them being slouches.

Suzuishi's American counterpart is Pidge, ironically voiced by Neil Ross, the same actor who has the role of Kogane's counterpart Keith, and in a later series, by Billy West, aka Fry of Futurama. To complete the 'universe' of Voltron more fully, Pidge is made the twin brother of Chip, a member of the Vehicle Voltron Force featured in 50 of the 125 episodes broadcast on American TV. In fact, Chip is the American version of Mutsu Yasuo, a separate character from a separate show, Dairugger XV, although later animation requests from World Events Productions to Toei Animation led to a telefilm in which the two forces actually met and battled together. In the original two series, this would have been impossible, since Dairugger is set in the year 2200 with Earth very much alive, whereas Go Lion saw Earth meet its end two hundred years before this.

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