Sweet? Yes! Innocent? We'll get back to you on that...

Shizuoka Marei is a regular supporting cast member of the series Umisho. She lives on the cutting edge of a secret perverse streak, seeking to remain a proper Japanese girl but having decidedly fetishist tastes, particularly for a certain part of the male anatomy, and doubly so if said part belongs to Okiura Kaname.

Approaching and asking her about these 'perversions' is all but pointless - Shizuoka will fiercely deny any such notion, even to Kaname, wishing at least in public to maintain her image as a proper girl. However, she is also shameless about almost revealing her secret, pulling back just enough to keep her friends guessing. Her mother and father are extremely wealthy and utterly unashamed fetishists, going just far enough to embarrass their daughter but also inspiring her to keep teasing the unwary.

Shizuoka's large pronounced bust (the largest of any girl on the team, and sometimes less than ideal for a member of the school swim team) draws the stares of boys and friendly if awkward gropes from the girls, especially in the onsen, and especially from grope-happy Ninagawa Amuro. Once, the internet activities of her friend Maki caused Shizuoka to be worshipped as a goddess for her endowments, till her followers realized she had no secret with which to make them all larger in that way.

In the series finale, Kaname tells the reader that Shizuoka still maintains her double life, running a legitimate clothing company that has a risque lingerie department - one for which she secretly submits scandalous designs under another name. Her firm likely employs Nanako Maaya as a model on its non-intimate clothing front.

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