Scar Dying in Original Anime
Known for the X-shaped scar on his forehead that Kimblee gave him, Scar is a character in Full Metal Alchemist.

After the WarEdit

While in the Manga & Brotherhood, Scar murdered the Rockbell's in rage after having awakened with his brother's arm, the Original Anime had him awaken next to his brother in the desert. Scar lived in Central's slums & questioned why his brother gave him his arm. After killing Nina he believed his purpose was to hunt down & kill the Alchemists who slaughtered his people.

Path of VengenceEdit

Scar eventually appeared before
Scar Having Slaughtered Grand

Scar Killing Basque Grand

Edward Elric to kill him. After slaughtering Basque Grand before his eyes in the original anime, he then prepared to kill Dr. Marcoh, only for Edward Elric to save him. Major Armstrong came to the Full Metal Alchemist's rescue & fought Scar, learning he was from ishbol. Scar later ran into the Elric Brothers again & Alphonse offered his life instead of his Brother's. Scar encountered Lust later at the Library, while waiting to kill Edward Elric. They then fought setting the place on fire in the process, & it continued until Scar was defeated in the sewers.

The Grand ArcanumEdit

Wanting to Change AmestrisEdit

The Promised DayEdit


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