Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha was Naruto and Sakura's teammate on Squad 7. He desired to avenge his clan by killing his older brother Itachi Uchiha. He left the Hidden Leaf Village desiring more power do defeat Itachi and to increase the power of his Curse Mark. In his quest for power, he ended up killing Orochimaru and leaving to form his own team, Hebi. His team consisted of himself as the leader, Suigetsu Hozuki, Jugo, and Karin. As for Hebi's goal, it was to find and eliminate Itachi Uchiha. During the search, Sasuke ended up fighting the Akatsuki members Deidara and Tobi, and won after Deidara blew himself up. Not long after Deidara perished, Sasuke finally found out the location of his brother for their final showdown. Once Itachi was killed, Sasuke then met with Tobi who revealed himself to be none other than Madara Uchiha. Madara revealed the truth about Itachi the Sasuke, which then made Sasuke only hate the Leaf Village even more than before. His group Hebi was then re-named Taka after their new alliance with the Akatsuki, and their goal was to destroy the Leaf Village, and as Sauke makes this statement, his new Mangekyo Sharingan is revealed. Sasuke then went to try and confront the jinchuriki known as Killer Bee, host of the Eight-Tails. Sasuke's group barely managed to escape with their lives, and all they ended up with was a tentacle transformed to look like Bee. Since Taka didn't meet up to their part of the bargain, they were still allied with Akatsuki, so Madara then sent Sasuke's team to a mountain in the Land of Iron where the Five Kages held a meeting to discuss Akatsuki's movements and what to do abou them. During a fight with the Raikage, Sasuke and Karin were then sent to a pocket dimension by Madara. Not long after, Madara released the two and allowed Sasuke to fight Danzo, the acting Sixth Hokage (due to Tsunade's coma), and during their fight, he found out that Danzo had an arm full of Sharingan eyes and that he would soo add Sasuke's to his "collection". However Sasuke outwitted him and forced him to use up all odf his sharingan, and at the last minute, Danzo took Karin hostage, but Sasuke didnt hesitate to use Chidori Stream to stab right through Karin to get at Danzo. Once danzo was disposed of by Madara, Sasuke proceeded to try and kill Karin only to be stopped by Sakura begging to leave the village and go with him. After a failed test to see if Sakura was truthful, Sasuke proceeded to kill her when Kakashi stepped in and soon after Naruto. Sasuke later decided to have his brother's eyes transplanted to him due to his Mangekyo Sharingan's overuse making him start to go blind. After the proceedure, he was being watched by Zetsu to make sure no one would take him away. Sasuke then broke himself out with his newly upgraded Susanoo and his new Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan was revealed.

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