Sano 222
Oguri Shun

Sano Izumi portrayed by Oguri Shun

Sano Izumi is one of the protagonist in the manga and drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi E. He is the guy that Mizuki Ashiya likes and an excellent high jumper. He finds out that Mizuki is a girl early in the series, but does not tell anyone else and actually becomes very protective of her secret. Before Mizuki came to Japan, Sano had been injured in an accident when he saved his team captain from being hit by a car, causing him to quit high jumping for a while because he thought that he couldn't handle the pressure. But thanks to Mizuki's deal with her brother (Sano had to jump while her brother was in Japan, or Mizuki would have to come home), he was able to try again and was given a second chance to high jump. Sano falls in love with Mizuki, but cannot tell her because Mizuki thinks that if Sano found out her secret, she would have to leave. In the last chapter, he followed Mizuki to California, pursuing both his college and high jump career at UC Berkeley. He eventually is able to confess and even proposes to her in the special chapter. He originally never got along with his father or younger brother Shin, however with Mizuki's help, he does end up reconciling with them.


Sano is typically quiet and rarely associate with others. This is most likely caused by his depression after quitting the high jumping team because of his injuries. At the start, he can come off blunt, and even rude at times. With the help of Mizuki, Sano becomes more outgoing and confident. He also has a caring an protective side, which he occasionally show towards Mizuki, such as pursuading her brother and defending her when her secret was revealed. When it comes to high jumping, he is rather dedicated, as seen when he undergoes rigorous training to compete again. He also has an arrogant and competitive side which is often directed at Nakatsu.



In the drama, despite being arrogant and prideful, Sano was shown to relinquish his pride and falls on his hands and knees and plead for forgiveness multiple times. Fans often mock and ridicule Sano, especially since he is a classified as a determined and strong protagonist, for entering such a humiliating position. Designers stated the reason for this was to weaken Sano's image as the main hero, as they want Mizuki to the poster child for the drama. Furthermore, they joked that forcing Sano down down on all fours with his butt sticking up is a suitable punishment for his arrogance

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