Henchmen have no such thing as job security...

Supreme Commander Sadak is a regular supporting character in the classic super-robot anime Go Lion. For the first third of the series, he is the leader and point man for the forces of the Galran Empire in their efforts to supress the rebellion of the people of Altea. However, his repeated failures against the Go Lion team all but sealed his fate.

While he is only depicted as having failed time and again to retake Altea, Sadak must certainly have been successful at some point to have achieved his high rank in a court like that of Emperor Daibazaal's.

He is first seen overseeing captured slaves and then pursuing the five space explorers from Earth when they escape to Altea. At first, his forces have free run of the shattered planet, keeping a MechaBeastman in reserve for anything unexpected. The reemergence of Go Lion began to slowly spell the doom of Sadak. Emperor Daibazaal was in particular incensed that a member of the Altean royal family, Princess Fala, had survived, with flashbacks showing Sadak had been in charge of rounding up and executing the royal family on Altea during the earlier attacks. His position could not have been helped by the fact that his side's lone early victory came from none of his efforts, as Blue Lion pilot Shirogane Takashi was killed by Sorceress Honerva. Add to that, the Go Lion team managed to defeat his deployed MechaBeastman even without being able to form the super-robot. To further pile on Sadak's repeated humilations, the princess he had missed in his initial sweeps became the new pilot for Blue Lion. As the planet Altea and its people rose again, Sadak's fortunes continued to sink.

Sadak held on, despite increasing angry admonishments from Daibazaal and taunts from Honerva, until one day his stealth ambush attack on Altea was turned around on him entirely, with the Go Lion team once more not needing to form the super-robot. The sole survivor of his fleet, Sadak trembled before Daibazaal as he demanded the Commander take his own life in penance for his repeated failures. In fact, Sadak was at least in part serving as a scapegoat for the defeats almost anyone might have suffered, and for plans that both Daibazaal and Honerva had played a part in, but this was not even a consideration. Sadak gained a very temporary reprieve when Prince Imperial Sincline returned from other conquests and offered him one last chance to defeat Go Lion. When Sincline staged single combat with team leader Kogane, he used this to separate him from the team, leaving them vulnerable to Sadak, now transformed into a giant MechaBeastman. Sadak fared little better than before against the four lions, and when Kogane rejoined them in Black Lion, Go Lion sliced Sadak to pieces and watched as his body exploded. Despite the blame heaped upon him by his superiors and peers, every last one of them would eventually meet defeat and ultimate destruction at the hands of Go Lion.

Sadak can be seen as the villainous counterpart to Shirogane Takashi, establishing early on that neither hero nor villain could rely on survival. It also showed that the Galrans were coldly ruthless, even towards their own people, and the blind demand for results would be repeated again late in the series, triggering the end for Galra.

Few differences of any import exist between Sadak and his Voltron counterpart, Yurak. Yurak may have been named so as foreshadowing Sadak/Yurak's fate to die early on, ala the jester 'Yorick' in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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