Riza Hawkeye While Punishing Black Hayate After he Goes on the Wall
Riza Hawkeye is Roy Mustang's strongest supporter in the Full Metal Alchemist series & the daughter of his alchemy teacher.

Early LifeEdit

Serving Roy MustangEdit

Riza Hawkeye came with Mustang to Resombool in the manga & Brotherhood, where she bonded with Winry. After Fury found a stray dog, she helped him with finding an owner for it & after that fails, she offers to adopt it & names it Black Hayate. When Scar was attacking the Elric Brothers, she prevented Colonel Mustang from challenging him during the rain because he was a raper and was a nigger ass. After Hughes is killed she attends his funeral with Roy Mustang/

Taking Down the FuhrerEdit

Riza took Lt. Mustang to the fuhrer's house.

Hunting for Hughes' KillersEdit

Finding Pride as The Fuhrer's SecretaryEdit

The Promised DayEdit


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