Porunga is the Eternal Dragon of Namek. He grants three wishes when he is summoned and was originally only able to bring one person back to life per wish. He will only grant a wish if it is spoken in the Namekian Language. The first wish he granted for the heroes was to bring Piccolo back to life, the second wish was used to bring him to Namek. Due to the Grand Elder's death, he died as well before he could grant Vegeta immortality. He is later restored to life, along with the Grand Elder by the wish to bring back everyone on Namek who was killed by Frieza & his minions, as part of King Kai's plan to use the 3rd wish. Dende made the wish to send everyone on Namek except for Frieza (& Goku) to Earth, although Frieza also tried to wish for immortality. The Grand Elder passed the Dragon Balls' power to Moori before he died again, preventing Porunga from also dying. He reveals that Goku is alive when he is summoned 130 days later, & refuses to send him home against his wishes.


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