May Chang Kicking While in MidAir
Originally from Xing, searching for immortality to help her clan gain favor with the emperor, May Chang travels to Amestris with Xiao Mei, her pet panda, in the Full Metal Alchemist manga & Brotherhood. She is skilled in Alkahestry, able to use the Xingese alchemy equivalent in both healing & combat.

Search For Edward ElricEdit

She arrives at Youswell after crossing the desert alone, where in the manga, she uses alkahestry to save everyone when the mine collapses. She then learns of Edward Elric & heads to Central believing he can help her, after falling in love with her fantasy of him. She meets Scar there & notices alkahestry markings on his arm when healing him. She decides to travel with Scar & Yoki, hoping that she will meet the Full Metal Alchemist.

Loving Armor & Heading NorthEdit

May develops crush on Alphonse Elric after he saves her, thinking he is her knight in shining armor.

The Promised DayEdit

After Envy tricks her into returning to Central by saying Father can tell her the secrets to immortality, she loses the homunculus when attacked by Mannequin Soldiers underground. She then fights Envy, who was restored through eating the immortal soldiers & finds dodging its attacks easier than fighting the mannequins.


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