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Laura Haruna

Laura Haruna (春名ヒロ子, Haruna Hiroko, Hiroko Haruna) is the main human character from the Japanese anime Hamtaro and is Hamtaro's owner. Also known as 'Roko-chan'. Laura cares a lot for her hamster Hamtaro, just as Hamtaro cares for her. In several episodes involve the Ham-Hams trying to help Laura with whatever problem she is facing. She and Kana are best friends. She also has a huge crush on her friend Travis.



Hamtaro is Laura's pet and friend. She really cares about him.


Kana is Laura very first friend she met on the day she moved to her new home. She met her in a shop were she got a note book that she said looked like her hamster. After that Kana and Laura became best friends.


Travis and Laura are great friends. Laura has a big crush on him. She fell in love with him the first time she seen him.


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