Kazuya Kujō

Kazuya Kujō (久城一弥 Kujō Kazuya) is the main character of Gosick. He is also known as "The Dark Reaper" and "Baby Squirrel" by Victorique de Blois's brother Grévil de Blois. He is the third and youngest son of a Japanese Imperial soldier.


Kazuya is usually kind, soft-spoken and very respectful. However he does get annoyed very easy causing him to hurt others by his words carelessly. He also can be cheeky at times.


Kujo is a young Japanese boy with black hair and brown eyes. Although usually seen wearing the uniform of Saint Marguerite Academy, he also wears the conservative clothing that boys of his age usually wear. His outfit consists of long-sleeved shirts worn over light-colored undershirts, neckties, a coat, and either breeches or slacks. Almost all the time he will wear a narrow-brimmed hat.

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Episode plotEdit

The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden FairyEdit


After a very long journey from Japan to Sauville, Kazuya arrives at Saint Marguerite Academy on Spring of 1924. He instantly makes a mark at the students, who suspect him of bringing bad luck to the school due to his physical appearance and calling him "The Dark Reaper". However, his teacher Cecile Lafitte becomes interested to know more about him, and in her attempt to get close to her newest student, she tells Kazuya he'll make new friends if he reads ghost stories. Cécile Lafitte than tells him to go to the school's library.

After a little bit of reading he finds something very odd. A piece of golden hair. He than runs up a huge staircase only to stumble upon a doll-like girl, which scares him. The next day, he later finds out from his teacher that the girl, is named Victorique, who he also finds out is his classmate. The same day he goes to see Victorique again.

Kazuya later witnesses Victorique's amazing prowess in solving crimes when she connects the clues found from the Teller murder of the fortune-teller Roxane. However, Victorique realizes that the case is far from solved upon discovering an invitation letter addressed to Roxane inside the fortune-teller's yacht. By Victorique's request, they trace the letter to a dinner held inside a ship named the Queen Berry.


Victorique de BloisEdit


  • "What the...?! I've never seen sush a creative hairstyle!"
  • "Why are you asking me?!"
  • "A Bon Festival dance."
  • "How many times have you been outside?"


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