The Johnny Bravo of Japan.

Ikariya "Ikamasa" Masa is a regular supporting character in the anime and manga series Umisho. He is a senior member of the swim team, though you could never tell that from his maturity--or distinct lack thereof. To say that Ikamasa is a trip is the very worst of understatements. While never vicious or controlling like Takeda Seito could become, Ikamasa's behavior often showed a frankly bizzarre side. He wil obsessively try to shave anyone, male or female, down to the smoothness needed for a swimmer to really go. He is a shameless exhibitionist, getting naked for any reason or no reason at all, and he frequently wears a pair of swimming speedos with his own face printed on the crotch.

Ikamasa is a superior swimmer (when he's not acting like a complete goof) and if Takeda shows the vicious side of acting like a little boy, Ikamasa shows the overly fun-loving irresponsible side of the coin. His attitude seems on the one hand to be a recognition of the fact that you're only young once. This never seems to stop him from being a real pain in the sides of his old friend and co-team founder Orizuka Momoko and the one he tries to 'loosen up', Okiura Kaname. Orizuka has tried to claim she only recruited Ikamasa in order to fill empty slots in the team as it started up, but it seems some part of her also considers him a friend.

As the two most senior members, Ikamasa and Orizuka graduate and leave the team, which places Kaname in charge as Captain. They both put on weight after leaving - Orizuka just enough to be noticed, Ikamasa becoming very fat. In a bizarre instance, his dieting leads to a seeming miracle as he is soon his old self - but it is quickly revealed that only his head has lost weight - the rest of his body is still fat--grossing out many on the team. He also suffers a disappointment for his ego - when an attempt to overcome his fear of swimming costs Kaname his swim trunks, the girls on the team rush to see his body before he can cover himself - no one pays Ikamasa any attention as he also strips down.

In the series finale, it is revealed that Ikamasa took over his uncle's tavern, which he pledges to open anytime his old friend Orizuka, now a teacher, needs a place to drink and complain about her students. It is likely that doing this moves him up in her estimation more than any of his silly antics from high school. Needless to say, missed cues and bad advice from Ikamasa helped fuel many a misunderstanding with the easily misled Ninagawa Amuro throughout the series.

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