A proper princess should not pilot a Lion...

Lady Hys is a regular supporting character in the anime series Go Lion. She is the court nanny of the royal family of Altea, and though she played no real part in the rearing of Princess Fala, upon her return, she rapidly fills the role as mother-figure, both to the Princess, and to the young men of the Go Lion team. On all fronts, this is a rough-hewn motherhood, as Hys is a large woman who literally pulls no punches and sees no conflict in obeying the Princess in one instance and putting her over her knee in another. The Go Lion team's youngest member, Suizushi Hiroshi, teases that she should be called 'Hys-terical', and sometimes, she is prone to earn that nickname by her behavior, which almost always involves her in a high voice and a frenzy.

Royal governesses and nannies were often of royal blood themselves, and her use of a court title and the deference given to her indicates this may be true of Hys as well, though no direct relation to Fala is ever indicated, so perhaps it is a few generations removed. She was said to have raised royals at least as far back as Raimon and Elena, Fala's father and aunt, and there was no indication that was the first time she had done this. Like many other Alteans, she fled and hid when the planet first came under attack from Galra and its Emperor Daibazaal. She emerged after the five young space explorers brought the super-robot Go Lion back to life, just after the loss of Blue Lion pilot Shirogane Takashi. She immediately found conflict, first with the Go Lion team, who attacked her as an intruder, and then with Princess Fala, who nearly killed herself attempting to pillot Blue Lion in Shirogane's place. Lady Hys was allowed to resume her role as governess and placed in charge of palace events, but Fala resisted efforts by both her and Minister Raible to give up her position on the Go Lion team. Hys could be counted on nonetheless to loudly intervene any time Fala did something she saw as un-ladylike, such as swimming with the other team members, practicing martial arts or ignoring her studies to practice piloting. She would also eagerly suggest almost any candidate who happened to show as Fala's replacement. But her basic goal of keeping Fala from being a team member never even came close to reality; if anything, Fala wanted to train in Black Lion against the instance of team leader Kogane's injury or death. Not to be taken lightly, Hys' intense knowledge of the court was once among the things that exposed Sorceress Honerva when she impersonated Queen Elena upon her return to visit her niece Fala.

Hys also oversaw the male Go Lion team members, and while it was apparent she came to care for them as well, her attitude towards them sometimes bordered on the contemptuous. Once, when an escort for the Princess was needed for an event, Hys spoke disdainfully of the five heroes as drifters from Earth. She sees them as the worst possible influence on Fala while also admiring their heroism. She will almost never give them a break in public, but will try to stop any of them from going into battle when injured, just as she would for the Princess, and she is very good and surprisingly tender when caring for the ill and injured. The problem came, in a planet on a war standing, that no one was likely to rest as much as they should.

When Raible's son Saint reemerged as well, Hys was predictably looking at Saint as a replacement for Fala in Blue Lion, and maybe as the Princess's husband as well. Even when he proved to be an impostor working for Galra, Hys tried talking him down, only to be shot and killed by the nervous impostor when he was cornered. The Princess and Minister showed their love for Hys when Raible offered his resignation as a result of her loss, an action Fala refused to accept, feeling they should both live and serve in her memory, a memory Fala recalled as she went into final battle with Galra not long after this. Lady Hys was buried in a place of honor.

Like the Shirogane Brothers, Hys also benefitted from the Voltron show's inability to ever even mention death, and as Nanny survived the impostor's shooting. She was seen alive and well in the extra season created by Toei at the request of Voltron's producers.

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