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Pokemon Adventures

Green (ブルー Blue) is a character from Pokemon Adventures. Green is afraid of birds due to being kidnapped by a bird pokemon when she was young.


Green was first seen in Wartortle Wars, the fifteenth chapter of the Pokemon Adventures. She began the seires as a theif, who sold fake Pokemon items and stole badges. She may have a crush on Red, a main prontagist of the pokemon adventures. She, along with silver, was captured by a lengendary bird Pokemon, and often thinks of Silver as a younger brother. She has a fear of birds, much like Misty from the anime, who has a fear of bugs.For the original Pokemon games, there is unknown artwork of a female character. People guessed that this character was planned as a female protagonist. The female playable character from Pokemon LeafGreen is based on Green. She last appeared in the Emerald chapter, and it is unsure if she shall reapper in the Pokemon Adventures again.



She first met him trying to sell him Pokemon Items. she lied to him and said that her Items worked. at first Red did not want to buy any of her Items but than she tells him what a good trainer he is. he than buys her stuff and Red later finds out her Items don't work. She later stole Red's badges, when he wanted his money back, She later returns fake badges to Red!


Yellow is a good friend of Green.




  • Her name is Blue in Japanese. This is due to the fact that in most English- Speaking countries, Pokemon Blue was released as a counterpart to red, unlike Green in Japan, and so the translators thought that Blue suits the name of the male rival more.
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