Gaara part 1

Gaara is a major supporting protagonist of the Naruto Series. He is the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure, the son of the Fourth Kazekage, and the brother of Temari and Kankuro.


Gaara was born as the third child of the Fourth Kazekage in Sunagakure 12 years before the start of the series. Prior to his birth, his father had Chiyo, one of Suna's elders, seal Shukaku, the one-tailed beast, into Gaara in hopes that he would become the ultimate weapon of the village, however, this caused Gaara's mother, Karura, to die shortly after his birth, despite his father's desperate attempts to save her.

Growing up, Gaara regularly attacked villagers unintentionally due to lacking control over the powers he received from Shukaku. His father, still loving him dearly, decided to give Gaara one last chance to prove himself by controlling Shukaku. After having the civilians evacuated, Gaara's father had his uncle, Yashamaru, tell a horrible lie to him about his mother to see how well Gaara could control Shukaku under the highest emotional moment possible and, when Gaara lost control and transformed into Shukaku, his father subdued the beast and began sending assassins to kill him. After Yashamaru's lie, Gaara became a cruel and aloof person and, in killing the assassins his father sent for him, Gaara came to believe that he existed to kill every other person alive. Gaara then began to exercise better control over his powers and his father cancelled all assassination orders in hopes that he would become the ultimate weapon as he had been born to be.


In part 1, Gaara made his debut in the series alongside his siblings, Temari and Kankuro, as they appeared in the village of Konohagakure to participate in the Chunnin Exams, while really undercover to help destroy the village. Gaara at first interfered with Kankuro's attempt to start a fight with Sasuke Uchiha and forced he and Temari to leave with him, identifying himself to Sauske when the latter requested his name. Gaara later appeared in the testing room for the first phase of the Chunin Exams with his siblings, where he used his Third Eye technique to attain the answers to the test after realizing that it was necessary to cheat and not get caught doing so to pass. Afterwards, he and his siblings participated in the second phase of the exams, where Gaara brutally murdered Team Shigure of Amegakure when they looked at him the wrong way. Afterwards, he and his siblings took their scroll, which they needed to pass the second phase, and proceeded to the tower at the center of the forest at the urgence of Temari. Being that so many gennin had survived the second phase, a preliminary fight round began.

As his siblings both had their turns before him, Gaara ordered Temari back to their group after her battle when she started to fool around with Rock Lee. After Gaara was matched up against Rock Lee, he intially proved to be too much for Lee to handle, his automatic Shield of Sand being too fast and strong for Lee to break through. After Lee removed his leg weights, he managed to bypass Gaara's Shield of Sand and strike Gaara twice, knocking him down, something that had never been done. However, Gaara's final sand defence, his Armor of Sand, was then revealed and had totally protected Gaara. Rock Lee then opened one of the inner Eight Gates(inner chakra barriers that limit chakra flow through the body) and used his Front Lotus move to kick Gaara into the air, wrap him in badages, and smash his through the concrete floor, however, it turned out to be just an empty sand shell Gaara had switched with and Gaara appeared behind Lee.

Gaara then proceeded to brutally beat Lee and throw him around with his sand, however, Lee managed to regain his confidence and composure and began to evade Gaara's attacks. Lee then opened four of the inner Eight Gates and overpowered Gaara, again kicking him into the air. Gaara's Armor of Sand kep him unhurt, but began to gradually crumble when Rock Lee appeared, moving at incredible speed and using strength greatly enhanced, and began to pound Gaara back and forth in several directions. Lee then opened the fifth of the inner Eight Gates and punched Gaara downward, attaching a bandage to him as he did. Gaara could then do nothing but watch as Lee jerked him up and used his Hidden Lotus move to repel Gaara through the floor, greatly damaging it. Gaara, however, had softened the gourd on his back, which was also made of sand, into a pillow and it cushioned his fall. Gaara then crushed the massively weakened Lee's arm and leg, but was stopped from killing him by Might Guy, Lee's teacher, and Gaara won the match.

During the month that the Third Hokage had given the preliminary winners to come up with new tricks, Gaara paid visits to Sasuke Uchiha, whom Gaara could tell was like him from his eyes, and told him that when they fought, which had been decided already, the latter was his prey, and Rock Lee, whom Gaara tried to kill in the hospital to please himself, but was stopped by Shikamaru Nara and Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the series, two other preliminary winners. Gaara tried to kill them too, but was stopped once again by Might Guy and left, swearing to kill them one day anyway. At the Chunnin Exams finals battle arena, Gaara killed two Kusagaure shinobi who tried to blackmail him to loose the fight with Sasuke while he was on his way to the ground floor and proceeded to excitingly battle Sasuke. After Sasuke revealed he had copied Rock Lee's taijutsu with Sharingan and mastered it, Gaara encased himself in a cocoon of sand and used his Third Eye technique to watch Sasuke while he began to transform into Shukaku, his tailed beast. However, Sasuke wounded Gaara with his Chidori and stopped the process. After the sand cocoon crumbled down, Gaara's siblings carried him away to tend to his injury after Orochimaru began the destruction of Konohagakure, as he was in no shape to serve his role in the invasion at that point.

Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro was pursued continuously by Sasuke, Gaara's siblings both staying behind to hold him off at different points. When Temari stopped to try and treat his wound, Gaara punched her away and gave Sasuke an icy glare as the latter arrived. Explaining the differences and similarities between them, Gaara began to transform into a miniature form of Shukaku, much to Sasuke's horror. Gaara and Sasuke then resumed their battle, Sasuke continuing to use Chidori to counter Gaara's incredible strength and speedy attacks. However, Gaara regenerated any damage and nearly killed Sasuke after he collapsed, only to be repelled by Naruto Uzumaki, who had just arrived as back up alongside Sakura Haruno. Having been intrigued by Naruto's abilities, Gaara pinned Sakura to a tree and hurt her to force Naruto to fight. As they engaged in battle, Gaara easily overpowered Naruto initially, however, after Naruto stabbed a kunai with an explosive tag attached to it under Gaara's tail, his defense was reduced tremendously when it exploded and he was overpowered by the 2,000 shadow clones Naruto then created. Unwilling to lose to Naruto, Gaara released his complete Shukaku form and destroyed the shadow clones.

Gaara then trapped Naruto in his Sand Binding Coffin technique and attempted to crush him to death, but Naruto summoned Gamabunta, a giant toad, and escaped. After hearing that Gaara had attempted to kill his son, summoned by Naruto in an earlier attempt for him, Gamabunta drew his tanto and cut off Gaara's right arm. Even further intrigued by this, Gaara emerged from with his Shukaku transformation and used his Feigning Sleep Technique to force himself into sleep and allow Shukaku himself to take over his replicated body, so as to fight for Gaara. While Shukaku proved to be more powerful than Naruto and Gamabunta's combined efforts, the duo did a combined transformation and managed to cling to Shukaku long enough for Naruto to strike Gaara and wake him up, suppressing Shukaku. Gaara then caught Naruto and tried to kill him, however, the latter released some of his own tailed beast, Kurama,'s chakra, broke free, and smashed Gaara in the forehead, causing Shukaku's body to crumble. Gaara and Naruto then engaged in taijutsu combat, and Naruto defeated him. Having witnessed Naruto's undying devotion to his friends, Gaara came to realize that Naruto's strength came from his love of his friends and resolved to be like him, reconciling with Temari and Kankuro as they carried him home.

Gaara and his siblings were later called on by Tsunade, the new Fifth Hokage, to aid the Sasuke Retrieval Squad in bringing Sasuke Uchiha back to Konohagakure after he defected from the village to join sides with Orochimaru. Gaara arrived in time to prevent Kimimaro from killing Rock Lee and began to battle him in Lee's stead, showing his new personality. Gaara managed to easily overwhelm Kimimaro with his immense sand techniques, catching and crushing him in his sand multiple times, even when the latter made use of his Cursed Seal of Earth's complete first stage. After Kimimaro utilized the second stage of his Cursed Seal, Gaara was finally struck himself, but his Armor of Sand kept him unharmed. Gaara then used his ultimate sand defense to protect himself from Kimimaro's two-part Dance of the Clematis and burried him 200 meters below the ground, levitating he and Lee to evade Kimimaro's final attack, the Dance of the Seedling Fern. Kimimaro, however, emerged from within one of the bones and nearly killed Gaara, who had used up all of his chakra, but died of his fatal disease before he could. Gaara and Lee then returned to Konohagakure and he safely returned home with his siblings after the completion of their mission, though they helped out the academy before leaving in the anime.

In part 2, Gaara had become the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure during the time skip and was watching over his village when he noticed Deidara, a member of Akatsuki, a criminal organization, who was looking for him. Gaara took Deidara by surprise and the two engaged in a brutal, aerial battle, in which Gaara crushed Deidara's left arm and kept him on the run for most of the battle. Deidara, however, took advantage of Gaara's duty to protect Sunagakure and dropped one of his most powerful bombs on the village, which Gaara used up all the chakra he had left to summon a vast sand shield of sand to protect it. Deidara then detonated another explosive close to Gaara, forcing his automatic Shield of Sand to act, and then detonated his clay within the sand from inside the sand sphere that sheltered Gaara, causing it to crumble. Gaara then used everything he had to move the sand he used to defend his village into the desert and passed out. He was then kidnapped and taken to the Akatsuki's hideout by Deidara, where Shukaku was extracted from him, resulting in his death. Gaara was later revived by Chiyo, an elder of Sunagakure, and Naruto, who was supplying her with chakra, and he resumed his reign as Kazekage.

Gaara and his siblings later appeared at a meeting of the five Kage at the request of A, the Fourth Raikage. Gaara was the first to speak at the conference, despite being treated rudely by Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, and his suggestions, aside from an alliance between the five Kage and their villages were ultimately rejected. After A left and went after Sasuke Uchiha, who had attempted to, but failed to capture Killer B, A's brother, when Zetsu, a member of Akatsuki, appeared and told of Sasuke's presence, Gaara and his siblings pursued him. Gaara arrived in time to prevent A from killing Sasuke and tried to convince him to turn back down the right path one more time, before resuming the battle A started. Gaara's automatic Shield of Sand proved to be faster and stronger than Sasuke's Amaterasu, forcing Sasuke to cause a cave-in to escape from Gaara. Gaara saved his siblings and one of A's bodyguards, before the group returned to the conference room. Upon arriving, they are met by Obito Uchiha, the leader of the Akatsuki, posing as Madara Uchiha, who told them of his Eye of the Moon Plan.

After he demanded the Kage give him Naruto and Killer B, the Eight-Tails jinchuriki, Gaara and the other Kage refused and Obito declared the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Gaara then agreed to let A lead the Allied Shinobi Forces and proposed Kakashi Hatake to replace Danzo Shimura as Sixth Hokage, Danzo having proved unworthy of trust. He also agreed that Naruto and Killer B shouldn't take part in the war. A left the tasked of informing Kakashi of their choice to Gaara, and he and his siblings paid him and Naruto a visit on the way home to relay the news of what happened at the Five Kage Summit. Much of Gaara's effort was spent trying to convince Naruto that trying to save Sasuke was foolish and that if he had truly resolved to become Hokage, he would have to do what was right as Sasuke's friend, a lesson Gaara had learned from becoming Kazekage. Afterwards, he and his siblings returned home and were informed that the Daimyo had approved of the Allied Shinobi Forces formation.

Gaara and Temari later appeared in Kumogakure at another meeting of the five Kage, where Gaara informed Tsunade, who had been able to resume her reign as Fifth Hokage, that they made the decision not to allow Naruto and Killer B to fight in the war as a group and that he knew Naruto was the kind of person who would get reckless if someone close to him was in danger. He and Temari later returned safely to Sunagakure.

Gaara is later made Reginental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces and leader of the Fourth Division. Gaara first stops the fighting some of his men had been doing and brings them together as friends through an inspirational speech. Gaara then leads his Fourth Division to a rocky terrain, where Gaara surrounds the position with his sand to use as a sensing device. After he detects Mu, the revived Second Tsuchikage through his sand, Gaara uses his Third Eye technique to locate him and three other revived Kage, including Gaara's father, the Fourth Kazekage. After the Fourth Division retreated as far as they could, Gaara uses his Quicksand Waterfall Flow technique to attack the revived Kage, but it was countered by his father's gold dust wave. After arriving, Gaara and his father converse about all that had happened since his death and the two engage in battle, with his father intending to test his worth once more. Gaara easily defeats his father and the latter tells him the truth about his mother, causing Gaara to cry before sealing his father in his sand. Gaara then began to assist Onoki in his battle with Mu and, much to his surprise, Naruto arrives on the battlefield and helps them seal him. Hearing Naruto's explanation as to why he was there, the group travels to the next battlefields. Gaara arrives to confront the Second Mizukage, who had killed many of Gaara's men. As they converse, Gaara uses his sand to locate the Second's Giant Clam summon and allows Onoki to destroy it. Gaara then saves Onoki from the Second as the latter attempts to kill him and entombs him in a pyramid of sand that is then bound with sealing tags.

Before the allied shinobi can rejoice, a huge explosion occurs and the Second's smiling face appears in the sky above them. Looking on in horror, Gaara wonders if this was another genjutsu, but Onoki states it was the Second's infinite explosions technique, Steaming Danger Tyranny, which not even Mu, the Second's rival, could counter. As a clone of the Second forms, Gaara listens to Onoki's explanation of the technique and attacks the clone, but it dodges him. Gaara then finds the Second's real body, then rendered weak, and reseals him in the sand pyramid. Before he could use the sealing tags again, the clone rips them off and the Second emerges. When the Second refuses to help them any further with his clone, Gaara questions if he had chosen to join the enemy's side, however, the Second assures him he is only doing it so that they can prove their worth and show that they are capable of defeating the enemy's leader, stating if they couldn't even stop him with their own power, that would be impossible. Gaara then protects his division as the clone explodes again and disables it using traces of his father's gold dust and the Second's hail contained in his sand. Explaining to the Mizukage how he had done this, the Second praises the young Kazekage as a "golden egg". As Naruto arrives, Gaara seals the Second away in his sand and later watches in shock as Mu appears again. After Onoki recognizes the man with him to be Madara Uchiha, Gaara draws everyone's attention to his eyes, which revealed that he was revived by the Impure World Rincarnation.

Gaara attacks Madara with his sand, but the latter dodges and uses an enormous Fire Release technique, which takes the combined efforts of four water techniques to douse. After Madara commandeers a sword and begins to tear through his ranks, Gaara grabs the blade with his sand to create an opening for attack, but it fails. Using sand lightened by Onoki, Gaara then drags Madara from his Susanoo and into the path of Naruto's Rasenshuriken, but latter activates his Rinnegan and absorbs the attack. After Madara summons a meteorite into the sky, Gaara questions if he has the power of a god. Gaara and Onoki manage to stop the first meteorite, but were overpowered when Madara summons a second, which devastates most of the Fourth Division. Gaara, relatively unharmed, checks on Onoki, who was severely injured. As Madara and Mu charge at them, Tsunade and A arrive and repel them and they are soon joined by Mei, the Fifth Mizukage. Tsunade heals Gaara and Onoki while Mei and A engage Madara and keep him busy. Afterwards, Gaara and Onoki block Madara's Yasaka Magatama technique. As the battle rages on, Gaara levitates himself, Mei, and Tsunade above Madara's Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees technique, but they are repelled into the forest by Madara from behind and pass out from the pollen there. After Onoki saves them, Gaara and the other Kage watch in shock as they see a face formed from Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage,'s DNA jutting from Madara's exposed chest.

After Tsunade activates her Strength of a Hundred Technique and lands a powerful punch on Madara, Gaara takes the time to seal him. However, he and the other Kage are shocked when Madara suddenly impales Tsunade from below and emerges from a tree root, revealing that they had only sealed a wood clone that Madara had switched with. Gaara and the other Kage are then shocked even further when Madara creates 25 more wood clones and surrounds the Kage with five each. Gaara saves Mei from death, but is overpowered by the clones he is fighting. While he agrees with Mei that Madara is too powerful, the two join the other Kage in a combined attack on Madara that destroys his clones and partially destroys him. Gaara then uses sand contained in Mei's Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique to restrain Madara as he is numbed by A's lightning. Gaara begins to seal him again, but Madara releases his final form of Susanoo and overwhelms their efforts, before repelling them, while simultaneously destroying several mountains with just one swing of its sword. Gaara stands with the other Kage to face Madara again and watches in continuous surprise and shock as his Susanoo disappears and he releases his summoning contract with the Impure World Reincarnation following the release of the technique and remains in the battlefield regardless. Madara then decides to leave and go after Naruto to reclaim Kurama, but Onoki blocks him from leaving. Despite this, Gaara and the other Kage are defeated and left critically wounded by Madara. Tsunade, though bifurcated by a tree, states that she can still save Gaara and the other Kage after calling her partner slug, Katsuyu. Though at first Tsunade was not able to do so, even with help from Katsuyu due to being too badly hurt herself and low on chakra, Orochimaru quickly arrived with two of his former followers, who he has work together to heal Tsunade. Afterwards, Tsunade heals Gaara and the other Kage without any trouble and Gaara tells the others that he will take them to the battlefield with his sand so they can conserve their chakra after Katsuyu tells the current standings of the war.

When they get close to the battlefield, Gaara and the other Kage see the Ten-Tails' final form, the Shinju, in the distance and are quickly telepathically contacted by a wood clone of the revived First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, who tells them the current standings on the battlefield and of what his original learned from Madara Uchiha. Later, Gaara and the others finally arrived on the battlefield, with agreeing with the Tsuchikage's comment that achieve their dream(the same dream Hashirama shared in the past, as they saw through the telepathy technique), losing on this battlefield was not an option. Contemplating that both he and Naruto had become necessary existences and would now save the world together, Gaara, takingcommand of some troops from his village, orders them to follow his lead. After Naruto begins to try and pull the tailed beasts out of Obito Uchiha's body, given he does not have any chakra from the Shukaku, the One-Tail, Gaara, having once been one with the beast himself, starts to use his sand to help pull out Skukaku. After they succeed, Gaara asks him to lend him some strength so he can seal Madara, saying he would ask someone else if he did not wish to. Responding to his sentiment of how close he and Naruto had gotten by asking if they could save small talk for later if he wasn't going to help him, to which Shukaku agreed to help Gaara, noting it wasn't for him. After instructing him to follow him, Gaara is addressed Son Goku, who tells him he and the other tailed beasts had decided amounst themselves to help Naruto.

Thanking him for this, Gaara tells him that he considers Naruto his first true friend. On their way, Gaara the the beasts find themselves confronted by a fully resurrected Madara, with Gaara and Shukaku shooting him through with a barrage of sand bullets. Afterwards, Gaara immobilizes him with his sand from within and allows the tailed beasts to beat Madara around. After the Six-Tails pins Madara dow with some slime, Gaara and Shukaku seal Madara in a giant sand pyramid, only for him to easily break out with his Susanoo, much to their shock. When he later uses his Rinbo: Hengoku technique and repels them all, Gaara, shocked, wonders what was happening. After Madara had restrained all the beasts and decided to start absorbing them into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Gaara uses his sand to stop him from taking Shukaku, saying he would do so over his dead body. When Madara then throws his Susanoo Sword at Gaara, Shukaku catches it and uses it to cut his chains, though Gaara is still over powered when Madara reclaims control of the blade and directs it at him, his sand still managing to protect him from harm, however. Though Shukaku tells him he shouldn't push himself, gaara replies he can fight by him as an equal. Shocked when Madara begins to drag in the beasts, Gaara hears out a request from Kurama before he is extracted from Naruto, much to his shock. Catching Naruto with his sand, Gaara, desperate to save him, flies to Tsunade on his sand, ordering her to come with him and try to heal Naruto. When she declines saying she hasn't the chakra, he takes Sakura instead. When her medical ninjutsu don't have any effect, Gaara explains it is likely because Kurama was extracted from Naruto. Declaring they might still be able to save Naruto if Madara is defeated, Gaara states they must hurry to where the Fourth Hokage is. After Sakura begins a more desperate procedure, Gaara wraps his sand around her waist to keep her on it as he starts to fly faster.

Arriving on the Fourth's location, Gaara relates that if he transfers his half of Kurama into Naruto he can save his son, before joining Kakashi to fight the Obito-controlling Black Zetsu, who thwarts Minato's attempted transfer by getting between him and Naruto as he starts, absorbing the Second half of Kurama into himself. Wondering what happened to Naruto, Gaara is shock all the more when Madara, now the perfect jinchuriki of the Ten-tails, arrives on the battlefield as well. Realizing that the other half of Kurama was now inside Black Zetsu, Gaara mobilizes with Kakashi to try and get him back when he starts to unbind from Obito, only for Obito to stop midway. Waiting patiently as the master and student talked, Gaara, Minato, and Kakashi attempted a perfectly-timed assault on Madara when Obito seemingly started to join his side, only for the legendary Uchiha to effortlessly overwhelm them in a few seconds and beat back their attack. After successful efforts by Obito and Kakashi to save Naruto and Might Guy's arrival as back up, Gaara noted his and Minato's respective taijutsu and senjutsu abilities were their only means of fighting Madara now. However, when Guy attempted to use seven of the inner Eight Gates against Madara, the latter easily overwhelms and nearly killed him, Rovk Lee arriving to save his life before Madara could kill him. When Guy resorts to all eight gates and overpowers Madara, Gaara wonders what hes doing and feels sympathy for Lee when Kakashi then explains that Guy will die after using all eight gates. When Minato comes up with a strategy to help Guy in fighting Madara, Gaara uses his sand to move Kakashi close enough to Madara's defense for him to use his Kamui technique to create a hole, through which Guy strikes and repels Madara, albeit to little effect. After Guy's battle with Madara ends and Naruto arrives back and saves his life, Gaara requests that they exchange sake cups when he becomes Hokage, Naruto agreeing.

When Madara regains both of his Rinnegan and starts to devastate the landscape around them with his Chibaku Tensei, Gaara uses his sand to fly himself, Lee, and Guy away, saying Naruto and the others will be fine and that they had to get away from that area for now, only for them all to quickly get caught in the effects of Madara's Infinite Tsukuyomi when he casts it and bound by and tethered to the Shinju so it can reclaim its chakra from them.


Gaara had intially tried to be friendly to others as a child, however, after Yashamaru's lie, Gaara became a bloodthirsty and ruthless killer, who cared for no one's existence but his own. However, he changed after being defeated by Naruto and resolved to be like him from then on, becoming a close friend to Naruto. Gaara is a very mature Kage, believing the beliefs of the prior generation to maintain prestige is ridiculous thinking and that cooperation between the five Kage and their villages is fundemental in defeating Akatsuki. Gaara is very close to his brother and sister and while he remained ruthless towards his opponents, he became very protective of allies and innocent people.


Gaara is an extremely powerful shinobi, so much that he became Kazekage as a teenager. He was able to easily defeat his father and defeat the Second Mizukage one-on-one, prompting the latter to praise him as the "golden egg" of the five current Kage. His father was so amazed with Gaara after their battle, that he acknowledged Gaara had surpassed him in more ways than he could have imagined. Even as a gennin, Gaara was easily as powerful as a jonin. Gaara is ultimately the strongest individual member of the five Kage. Gaara is very skilled at using sealing tags, just like most Sunagakure shinobi, using his sand in the place of cloth. Still, Gaara's arsenal of techniques majorly revolves in using sand as a weapon. As the jinchuriki host of Shukaku, the one-tailed beast, Gaara has the ability to manipulate sand at will, an ability that he rettained, even after Shukaku was removed from him, and always carries around a callabash gourd made of sand on his back that contains sand that has been infused with his chakra. Because this sand is infused with his chakra, Gaara doesn't need to expend more chakra to use it in combat, being able to control it with his mind at will. This sand comprises Gaara's Absolute Defense; his automatic Shield of Sand, which is bound by his mother's will and will protect him whether he wants it to or not and his Armor of Sand, an outer shell of sand, which will protect him should the Shield of Sand be broken through. The power of Gaara's Absolute Defense has also increased massively throughout the series, as in part one, both the Shield of Sand and Armor of Sand could be broken through by the Chidori, whereas in part 2, neither the Amaterasu, the strongest fire technique, said to be able to burn through anything, or the Second Mizukage's Steaming Danger Tyranny technique, an immensely powerful explosive technique, could even get through his Shield of Sand, much less damage his Armor of Sand, with Amaterasu failing to so much as burn into the sand. As the jinchuriki of Shukaku, Gaara developed insomnia from the fear of Shukaku's ability to influence its host in ways they wouldn't desire, and as such, Gaara has endless stamina, able to go without sleep infinitely, showing only slight signs of fatigue after extreme battles, the only exception being his battle with Deidara, in which he passed out afterwards. However, Gaara may have lost this ability or least some of it since the removal of Shukaku. Gaara can also use his chakra-infused sand to create more sand if he needs more than what is naturally present, as well as infused that sand with the hardest minerals for his ultimate sand defense and offense techniques.

Gaara's fighting style is a stationary, mid-to-long range one in that he rarely needs to completely move his body to attack an enemy, often just standing in a single place and attacks with his sand from a distance. Gaara's most often used techniques are Sand Binding Coffin and Sand Waterfall Funeral. With them, he makes use of his "catch and crush" tactic, using Sand Binding Coffin to catch and restrain his opponent, and using Sand Waterfall Funeral to implode the sand and crush the opponent to death. He can also use larger versions of these techniques, called Quicksand Waterfall Flow and Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral, which he utilizes against more powerful opponents or larger groups of foes. With Quicksand Waterfall Flow, Gaara can create and wield a tsunami of sand to burry his foe(s) and then he can use Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral to send shockwaves rushing through the sand and crush whatever foe(s) he has caught. Though these techniques and their tactic are his primary fighting strategy, Gaara has a large array of miscellaneous techniques that can be used as either fighting techniques, defensive techniques, transportation techniques, and even observation and spying techniques. Such examples are his Third Eye technique, which he can use to link an eye of sand to his optic nerve and spy on people great distances away, and his Desert Suspension, which he uses to create a platform that he can use to evade enemy attacks or transport himself anywhere he wants if need be. Like all jinchuriki, Gaara has massive reserves of strong chakra.

In addition to these powers, Gaara also has a considerable amount of ability in other areas. In addition to the sand powers he received from Shukaku, he was also capable of transforming into miniature or full-sized versions of Shukaku at will. While fully transformed, Gaara can use Wind Release powerfully and gains incredible physical strength and speed, enough to overwhelm Sasuke Uchiha in physical terms. If any damage is dealt to him, Gaara, in his miniature form, can regenerate the damage in a, normally, very quick manner. In the full-sized form, Gaara remains deep within the Shukaku transformation, safe from harm, but is unable to regenerate any damage done to the replica body. Gaara can emerge from within the transformation and use his Feigning Sleep Technique to force himself into sleep and allow Shukaku to take over the replica to fight in his stead. However, doing so leaves him open to physical attacks. Gaara is able to use techniques with Shukaku's traits, such as his Ultimately Hard Absolute Defense: Shield of Shukaku, his strongest sand defense, which is comprised of sand that is infused with the hardest minerals on Earth and, in the anime, Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku, a spear of Shukaku's claw, also infused with powerful minerals. These other jinchuriki abilities and techniques, Gaara has likely lost since Shukaku's removal. Gaara also has great physical strength, even without fully transforming into Shukaku, able to repel Temari with one punch, even when wounded. In the anime, he showed to be strong enough to pick himself up without aid after having his Armor of Sand soaked through with water, which had made it as heavy as land. He also showed to be a capable teacher in the anime, able to teach Matsuri to use a rope javelin. Gaara is also a highly analytical and very skilled tactician, showed when he managed to formulate a way to defeat the Second Mizukage's Steaming Danger Tyranny, a feat which even the Second's own rival, Mu, wasn't capable of.

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