Fuhrer King Bradley Passes Edward Elric for the State Alchemy Exam

Fuhrer King Bradley is the Leader of Amestris, & a recurring character in the FullMetal Alchemist series. He is known for being mysterious & has an eyepatch covering his left eye which hides his Ultimate Eye. He is known for being kind to those who loyally obey him & triggering many wars to expand the nation & trigger a philosopher's stone's creation.

Finding the Talented Elric BrothersEdit

The Fuhrer oversaw the Alchemy Exam where he first met Edward Elric, along with his brother Al, & certified him as the Full Metal Alchemist because he opened the Gate of Truth & could transmute without circles. The original Anime additionally had him encourage the brothers in their search for the Philosopher's Stone.

Secret PrideEdit

Fuhrer King Bradley assigns Roy Mustang to Liore, along with Armstrong & Archer, as he requests in the original anime. He later journeys there himself in Episode 40:The Scar.
Marta Threatens the Fuhrer After Overhearing His Plans

Marta Threatening Fuhrer King Bradley

There he tells Kimblee to stir up chaos & bring back Edward Elric's corpse, which was overheard by Marta, who was trying to exact revenge on the Crimson Alchemist for betraying Greed. Marta then attempted to threaten the Fuhrer into calling off his orders to kill Edward Elric, only for her to discover his identity as Homunculus Pride. The Snake Chimera then ran & hid in Alphonse Elric's armor, only for her to be killed by Bradley after she revealed his secret to him. He then leaves Liore after ordering Mustang to capture the Elric Brothers.

Furiously SpyingEdit

The Promised DayEdit

When the Briggs Soldiers seem victorious at taking over the Central Command Center, Bradley arrives & uses the intercom to announce his return. The Fuhrer single-handedly took down the Briggs Tank & then ordered Falman to open the gate for him. Greeling was able to shred through his Ultimate Eye, thanks to the sacrifices of both Fu &
Greeling Tears Through Fuhrer King Bradley's Ultimate Eye
Captain Buckaneer, however still struggled against him. The fight ultimately ended when Bradley fell into the moat after being shot at by 2 soldiers as requested by LanFan. The Fuhrer slowly began regenerating as he swam into the tunnel system beneath Central City, after emerging he paused briefly to recover further before confronting the group who wanted to stop Father. He took the philosopher's stone dropped by the doctor & then forced Roy Mustang to Open the Gate of Truth & become their 5th Sacrifice.


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