Frieza 1st Form Pic

Frieza is the 1st of the 3 main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z. He is a leader of the Planet Trade Federation, & destroyed many planets including Planet Vegeta. He has 4 forms, his 1st form has a power level of 530,000. His 2nd form has a power level of over 1 million. His final form has a maximum power level of over 120 million! He is shown to be highly arrogant.


Frieza went to Planet Namek to gather the Dragonballs so that he could wish for immortality.


  • "Vegeta, I dare say you've forgotten just how vastly terrifying I can be. Let's refresh your memory!"
  • "I promised you didn't i that i'd show you a terror beyond that of your worst nightmares, i had hoped to include all of you, but sadly this little one won't be joining us."
  • "Foolishness must be a virtue on earth, you all seem to value it so highly"
  • "I am Frieza, Emperor of the Universe! None surpass me! None even come close!"


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