The Homunculi's Father Deep in Thought

Originally known as The Dwarf in the flask Homunculus, Father is the creator of the homunculi in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga & Brotherhood, as well as it's main antagonist.

Days in the FlaskEdit

Father was created in Xerxes through the Hohenheim's blood back when he was the nameless slave #23. He became best friends with the young slave after giving him his name. He then educated Hohenheim, allowing the slave to earn his freedom, saying that being a slave was no different from being trapped in a flask. The King of Xerxes ordered The Dwarf in the Flask to tell him how he could become immortal, & Homunculus tricked the old man into making him & Hohenheim immortal instead.

Gaining The Power That is GodEdit

On the Promised Day he used the power of the 5 sacrifices to open Earth's gateway during an eclipse. By doing this Father dragged the Truth down into him & transformed into his God Form. After Losing the Amestrian souls he began struggling to control this form & was killed by Edward Elric after Greed (who was absorbed by father) transformed his body into the weakest type of carbon.



  • "How could I have possibly been born from someone as stupid as you?"
  • "I exist today because you gave me your blood, Thank you."
  • "Don't you even want Freedom? Are you going to live out the rest of your life as a slave, without the rights of a real man? In that case you're no different from me trapped in this stuffy flask."
  • "Well I'd hate to be guilty of asking too much, but I think I would be happy if I could just leave this flask."
  • "Immortality? Why would someone who has so much power & prosperity need such a thing?"
  • "You wouldn't dare to destroy such an important source of knowledge."
  • "Growing impatient in your old age? How lamentable King of Xerxes"
  • "Why i just wanted to understand this world's knowledge, i wanted to experience it! Free, i just wanted to be free!" --Father's last words before dying
  • "Tell me, why did you refuse to join me, Why God, how did i disappoint you?"

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