Envy Transforming Back After Hawkeye Sees Through His Disguise
Envy is a recurring antagonist in the Full Metal Alchemist series. He is a homunculus with the ability to transform into anyone & despite being male in the original anime, Envy has no confirmed gender in the manga & Brotherhood.

The BeginningEdit

Envy takes the role of Father Cornello in Liore after the real preist is eaten by Gluttony & tricks believers into thinking he was impersonated in his absense. He later abandons this role after starting riots in Liore & eventually appears at 5th Laboratory. He murders Hughes after he uncovers Sloth's identity as the Fuhrer's Secretary (in the manga & Brotherhood it was for uncovering the nationwide transmutation circle) by disguising himself as Maria Ross, only to take the form of his wife & kill him in the phone booth after he notices that Envy was fake.

The Original AnimeEdit

Envy first appeared in the form of Father Cornello. Envy (along with Lust and Gluttony) revealed himself to the Elric brothers at the 5th laboratory and forces them to create the Philosopher Stone for the Homunculi. Envy later appeared at Southern Command Disguised as Fuhrer King Bradley & gave Wrath several red stones which unlocked his memory after he ate them. He later disguises himself as Winry to kidnap Alphonse after he becomes the Philosopher's Stone. While fighting Edward Elric in the city beneath Central he revealed his true face & was revealed by Dante to have been the 1st Homunculus, created when Hohenheim transmuted his 1st Son, who died prematurely of Mercury Poisoning. He then kills Edward Elric after stating that he never could stand being replaced. After learning Hohenheim was still alive, Envy tells The Gate to take him to his father - he takes the form of Edward, his original form, and lastly a draconic serpent as he crossed over towards the other side The Gate.

In Conqueror of Shamballa - it is revealed that not only did Envy successfully pass through The Gate, but he remained in the form of a leviathan (because alchemy is nullified on Earth) and was captured by the Thule Society. Envy had fled and sheltered himself in an abandoned castle, he crossed paths with Edward and was soon re-captured by the Thule Society to be used as a catalyst for opening the portal to the other side. During this time, Hohenheim was imprisoned and offered to Envy as a personal chew-toy to keep the homunculus calm as they formulated their plans. In the end Envy had finally killed his father/creator Hohenheim, but was transmuted alongside him to open a permanent portal to Amestris.

Brotherhood AdaptationEdit

Envy was responsible for triggering The Ishvallan War when impersonating a soldier who was against military activity there & shooting the child. After revealing that to Edward Elric while trapped inside Gluttony's stomach he then revealed his Ultimate Form & proceeded to eat him, until Ed figured out how they can get out of there. Envy offered some of his Philosopher's Stone as the price to transmute them all outside of Gluttony. They then appeared in front of Father & Envy eventually led the defeated Elric Brothers to Fuhrer King Bradley taking the form of a soldier. After learning that Scar had taken Marcoh, Envy then decided to hire Kimblee to track them, & he eventually appears before them, after Zampano called him. Envy then fell pray to their alchemy land mines, before transforming again. Envy then grabbed Marcoh with his toungue & proceeded to punish him by making him watch as he annihilated an entire village, only for the doctor to destroy most of his philosopher's stone & reduce him into the form of a tadpole.


  • "How Dare you have that Bastard's Blood in your Veins"
  • "That's Right, He's Setting the Pace for Every Human to Follow!"
  • "Don't Look Down on me you worms! Don't Look Down on Me!"
  • "You should have seen the look on his face when his own wife shot him, it was Great!"
  • "Are all you humans such pathetic worms? Why don't you just listen to your gun & do what you want to?"
  • "Me Envy? Jealous of you? It's the Ultimate Humiliation!"
  • "Still just a puppet... aren't you pipsqueak".
  • "What's wrong... i thought you wanted to see".
  • "And then he abandoned me and started fresh with his perfect wife and kids... needless to say, i never did like being replaced".


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