Edward Elric While Escaping From Gluttony

Edward Elric is the main protagonist of Full Metal Alchemist & the older brother of Alphonse. He is known as the Hero of the People, The Full Metal Alchemist & is the youngest Alchemist to ever receive State Certification. He is quite stubborn & is easily angered, especially when someone calls him short, which is often joked about & is believed to result from his hating milk.

Becoming The Full Metal AlchemistEdit

Searching For the Philosopher's StoneEdit

After 3 years of searching for it, The Elric Brothers discovered that Father Cornello was using the stone to pass alchemy off as miracles to the people of Liore. On their way back to central he decided to visit The City of Water, with Alphonse only to get involved in the hunt for the alchemy using thief Psiren. After learning of experiments to create the stone in Xenotime they go there, only to discover that imposters were using their names.

Hunted by the MilitaryEdit

After the Philosopher's Stone is created in Liore, he & Alphonse returned to Resembool while avoiding the military, because his capture was ordered by Fuhrer King Bradley. Before they could make it there, the Elric Brothers were intercepted by Roy Mustang, who was furious that they didn't go to him to begin with. When they made it home, the boys reunited with their father, Hohenheim & Ed secretly dug up their mother's grave. Lu
Edward Elric After Envy Kills Him
st joins him on his quest to take down the homunculi. After Ed kills Sloth, Envy appears disguised as Winry, & takes Alphonse.

The City Beneath CentralEdit

After breaking out of Central Command he stops a car, which Roy Mustang was riding in & the 2 then talk about their dreams & how they followed them like children. After parting ways with The Flame Alchemist, Edward Elric proceeded to enter the City that once stood where Central is & by using the Philosopher's Stone was buried overnight. He then encountered Rose, who wanted to dance with him when he entered Dante's Palace. After fighting Dante he was sent through The Gate & awakened in London during World War I & he met Hohenheim there who asked him if "transmute" meant anything to him & confirmed that they were on the otherside of the gate. Edward Elric revealed he knew everything about Hohenheim & Dante & asked his father why he married his mother. Then he transmutes himself back only to encounter Envy disguised as Doctor Marcoh who then commended him. While fighting Envy he yelled to show his real face & was then killed by Envy after finding out who he really was. After Alphonse Brings him back to life using the power of his Philosopher's Stone, Edward returns the favor by bringing his brother back.

Conqueror of ShamballaEdit

Edward Elric & his friend Alphonse Heidreich are on their way to a carnival & take a ride with some gypsys. There Ed saves 1 of them who had the ability to see into people's hearts & invites her to stay with him & Alphonse. After seeing who he believed was Fuhrer King Bradley Edward Elric confronted him & eventually ended up helping him find a dragon, who turned out to be Envy. Mysterious men then appeared & took the homunculus away, only for Edward to start to investigate their leader who he discovered was a member of The Thule Society.

The Ruins of XerxesEdit

After Maria Ross was supposedly killed by Mustang, Edward Elric investigates the ruins of Xerxes where he meets her & he then goes back home to discover his father Hohenheim had returned there.

Plan to Draw out the HomunculiEdit

The Belly of the BeastEdit

Gluttony goes bezerk after noticing Mustang & eventually Edward Elric, Envy, & Ling Yao were all eaten.

Heading North to BriggsEdit

Preparing for the Promised DayEdit

The Promised Day & UndergroundEdit

Character GalleryEdit

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