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Minazuki Chika is a regular supporting character in the ani-manga romance series, Ai Yori Aoshi. She is the youngest of the recurring characters, energetic and devoted to the other characters. She is the younger cousin of Minazuki Taeko who ends up attending a school near the main house and moving in. She refers to main characters Hanabishi Kaoru and Sakuruba Aoi as Onii-Chan and Onee-Chan, Big Brother and Big Sister respectively, a common form of affectionate address for a young person in Japan to use.

Chika is the last main cast member to join the series. They first meet her when they travel to and help out at the beachfront general store/eatery owned by Taeko and Chika's grandmother. She at first assumes that Kaoru is Taeko's boyfriend, given the way her once-hesitant cousin acts confident around him. However, her constant hesitation to confess to Kaoru has Chika threatening to take him when she is of age. When Chika in effect follows them home for a 'visit', Kagurazaki Miyabi sagely comments that they will soon be gaining yet another tenant. However, the other girls quickly clamp down on her 'cute' habit of kissing Kaoru, which Chika cheerfully takes as confirmation of her legitimacy as a rival.

Since a high school she is interested in attending is in the same area as the house the others stay in, Chika uses this as an excuse to move there as well. Used to a beachfront existence (she has seemingly permanent tan lines) Chika joins the school swim team and befriends the tomboyish Komiya Natsuki and the painfully shy and unconfident Aizawa Chizuru. Their friendship proves to be an enduring one, despite the two's suspicion and jealousy of what they think is her relationship with Kaoru. Falling a bit for him as well, all three share in a horsing around incident that causes Kaoru to see them naked. His gentlemanly reaction and apology only enndear him further to them, with the accident-prone Chika laughing it off and the other two girls deciding (in a bit of convoluted logic spurred partly by their embarassment) that if a grown man saw them that way and wasn't revolted, they must be okay body-wise - followed by not a few fantasies about having him as a boyfriend. The trio is also very reverential towards Aoi, whose beauty and charm they are stunned by, and try to obey rules laid down by Miyabi. Tina Foster acts as both a life mentor and swim coach, while Miyuki Mayu is slightly less impatient with them than with others, since they are children.

Chika and her friends of course aid Aoi and Kaoru in their time of crisis as their wealthy families conspire against their relationship. In the epilogue, four years after the leads are finally married, Chika, Natsuki and Chizuru are visited in High School by Tina, who they are delighted to see. When Tina provides them with a photo album of their time together, Chika, without a hint of sadness, regret, or irony, calls that time the happiest in her entire life.

Natsuki & ChizuruEdit

Komiya Natsuki and Aizawa Chizuru become Chika's best friends at her new high school. They are plain spoken, quite straightforward and apt to get the wrong idea. Natuski's personality is that of a tomboy, while Chizuru is from the school of anime girls who believes they aren't supposed to think about 'perverted' things (Being a broad definition of the word) and who as a result thinks about them all the more. For a while, both strongly suspect that Chika is lying and that Kaoru is in fact her boyfriend. Her tendency to call Aoi Onee-Chan (Big Sister) has the conclusion-prone pair thinking at first that Aoi is her sister by blood, jealously commenting that the two look nothing alike. The two are so forward on one occasion, they manage to shock even Tina Foster with questions about sex. After an awkward incident in which their bath-room horseplay is walked in on by Kaoru, the two go from mortally embarassed to deciding that being seen that way by an 'older man' means that they are validated as women--which also leads to their crushing on Kaoru. They and Chika are often ruthless with each other on snarky comments. After said incident with Kaoru, in which Chika' s exposure was even greater than theirs, the two joked that Chika had better get Kaoru to marry her after that. Natsuki is known to help her family run a flower shop and to have a boy she argues with in classic romantic style. Despite her overtly sexual thoughts, Chizuru is still shy around boys as the series ends. They are still with Chika four years after Kaoru and Aoi finally marry, looking little different than they did as middle schoolers.

In Japan, Chizuru is voiced by veteran seiyu Mamiko Noto, who among countless other roles, is also the seiyu for Yuka of Elfen Lied.

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