Asbel Lhant

Asbel Lhant (アスベル・ラント Asuberu Ranto) is the main protagonist of the game. He is the eldest son of Aston Lhant, the Lord of the Lhant territory, located in the border zone between the countries of Windor and Fendel. From an early age, he was taught the skills necessary to inherit the title of Lord by his father and his butler, Frederic, but secretly aspires to become a knight. He one day decides to enlist in the Knight Training Academy in the capital of Windor and became devoted to his training, eventually growing into a polite and diligent young swordsman.


One day, a young Asbel and Hubert Oswell go to explore a flower field located on Lhant Hill. As they near it, they see a purple-haired girl sleeping in the field. They soon introduce themselves to her and, because of her lack of memories; they decide to take her back to their home in Lhant. When Asbel and the others return, he, Hubert, and Cheria Barnes travel throughout Lhant to see if anyone knows the mysterious girl. While inside Lhant manor, Asbel's father, Aston, speaks to Asbel about Prince Richard's expected visit to Lhant and how he wants to hand the mysterious girl over to the authorities to find her family. Asbel is reluctant to hand over his new friend and decides he will take care of her, much to Aston's dismay. Outside of the manor, Asbel and the others decide to name the mysterious girl Sophie, inspired by the name of the Sopheria flower that she was fascinated by. After naming their new friend, Asbel and the others hear that the Turtlez carriage carrying Richard has been attacked by monsters. Asbel and the others head to the East Lhant Road and save Richard's carriage from some of the monsters. After saving the carriage, Aston begins to scold Asbel for his recklessness, but Richard's escort commends Asbel for his bravery and puts the situation aside.
Asbel and the others return to town and decide to meet with Richard. After greeting themselves to Richard, Richard tells them to leave, believing that Asbel and his friends plan on using him. After this event, Richard's sword training teacher, Bryce, orders Richard to do his training, despite the fact that Richard is not feeling to well. Asbel decides to take Richard's place in training and manages to land a hit on Bryce, which causes Bryce to bring out an actual weapon. Bryce is stopped by Richard's escort and orders him to join the other guards in the manor. Richard's escort commends Asbel’s swordsmanship and tells Asbel he has the talent of becoming a knight. Asbel and Sophie decide to take Richard to Lhant Hill and ask Hubert and Cheria to cover for them. While on Lhant Hill, Bryce reveals himself as an assassin to kill Richard, but Asbel and Sophie take on Bryce and defeat him. After defeating Bryce, Asbel and the others fall down from the top of the hill. The group manages to make it back to the top of the cliff and form a friendship pact by carving their names into a tree. Asbel, Sophie, and Richard return to Lhant, but Asbel is confined in his room for endangering their lives and for having Cheria and Hubert lie.One day, a young Asbel and Hubert Oswell go to explore a flower field located on Lhant Hill. As they near it, they see a purple-haired girl sleeping in the field. They soon introduce themselves to her and, because of her lack of memories; they decide to take her back to their home in Lhant. When Asbel and the others return, he, Hubert, and Cheria Barnes travel throughout Lhant to see if anyone knows the mysterious girl. While inside Lhant manor, Asbel's father, Aston, speaks to Asbel about Prince Richard's expected visit to Lhant and how he wants to hand the mysterious girl over to the authorities to find her family. Asbel is reluctant to hand over his new friend and decides he will take care of her, much to Aston's dismay. Outside of the manor, Asbel and the others decide to name the mysterious girl Sophie, inspired by the name of the Sopheria flower that she was fascinated by. After naming their new friend, Asbel and the others hear that the Turtlez carriage carrying Richard has been attacked by monsters. Asbel and the others head to the East Lhant Road and save Richard's carriage from some of the monsters. After saving the carriage, Aston begins to scold Asbel for his recklessness, but Richard's escort commends Asbel for his bravery and puts the situation aside.

After being locked inside the manor, Asbel sneaks out with Sophie and heads to Barona. After arriving in Barona, Asbel plans to explore the capital city with Richard, Cheria, Hubert, and Sophie. Asbel and the others ask Richard to take them to the castle, but Richard says they will have to take a secret passageway at night to get in. That night Richard does not show up and the group discovers a passage to the Barona Catacombs. While exploring the cave, they discover an unconscious Richard on the ground, and Asbel hurries up to wake him. While he and Sophie tend to Richard, a monster appears and attacks Hubert and Cheria, leaving then unconscious. Asbel, in his fury, naively runs up to the monster and attempts to attack it. He is severely wounded by the monster, but at the last moment is saved by Sophie. After this, Sophie is enveloped a bright light, and launches an attack towards the monster just as Asbel blacks out. Asbel is awoken by Sophie, who is overjoyed that he is alive. Happy for her, Asbel smiles as she helps him up. Just as he sits up, the dying monster stabs Sophie in the back, then drops her. Sophie struggles to get up, her wound releasing energy rather than blood, and runs towards the monster, exploding in a flash of purple light and obliterating the monster in the process. One week later, Asbel wakes up to find himself in his own bed at his house. When his father visits him, Aston tells him that Hubert has been adopted by the Oswell family in Strahta and Sophie died in the cave. Aston begins to blame Asbel for the incident, but Asbel begins to yell at his father and tells him that he is not going to become the next lord of Lhant. Asbel leaves his room and tells Cheria he is leaving to Barona to become a knight. Cheria begins to tell Asbel not to go and she will take Hubert and Sophie's place. Asbel begins to yell at Cheria for her statement, but apologizes when he sees her crying and lies to her saying he will stay after all. The next day, Asbel leaves Lhant to become a knight so he can become stronger and protect those he holds dear.

Seven Years LaterEdit

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Seven years later, Asbel, together with his instructor Malik Caesar, travel to the village of Orlen to investigate the disappearance of the villagers. While investigating the village, Asbel is attacked by a mysterious monster. The monster defeats Asbel easily and tries to attack him again, but Asbel learns a new burst attack and defeats the monster. After completing their mission, Malik tells Asbel that he is ready to become an actual knight, but asks him to choose between becoming a knight or the next Lord of Lhant. While returning to the knights academy in Barona, Asbel runs into Cheria. There, he learns that he received a letter from his mother during his mission, but never read it. Cheria then tells Asbel that his father had fallen in battle against the Fendelian army. Malik orders Asbel to
return to Lhant to inspect the situation and to visit his family during the tragic moment. Asbel returns to Lhant and discovers that Cheria's grandfather, Frederick, has been kidnapped by Fendel soldiers. Asbel and Cheria arrive on the battlefield and save Frederic from the Fendel soldiers, but they are attacked by Fendel war machines after. Asbel decides to be a decoy and lets the machine follow him and Cheria to Lhant Hill. On Lhant Hill, the plan begins to fail and the machine attempts to kill them, but a girl with a similar resemblance to Sophie appears and helps them defeat the tank. The two are shocked by Sophie's reappearance, but girl does not have any memories of Asbel and Cheria. When he returns to
Lhant, Asbel decides to give up on becoming a knight and decides to become the next Lord of Lhant. Asbel decides to lead the Lhant soldiers through the Seaside Cavern and they manage to sneak into the Fendel camp, but they soon discover it is a trap and the Fendel soldiers are already attacking Lhant. When they arrive in Lhant, Hubert arrives with Strahtan soldiers and they defeat the Fendel soldiers. Asbel returns to his house to speak to Hubert, but the reunion ends up in chaos and Hubert and Asbel engage in duel, with Asbel's title of lord and his right to remain in Lhant on the line. Despite his seven years of training, Asbel was humiliated when Hubert effortlessly defeats him. Asbel relinquishes his pride and falls on his hand and knees, begging his Hubert to allow him to remain in Lhant, as he still wishes to protect the town. Hubert ridicules Asbel on how he, a knight of Windor and the Lord of Lhant, was able to bow down before his younger brother, a boy who was once weaker than him. Asbel was subsequently thrown out of Lhant despite his pleading.

The War for WindorEdit

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After being kicked out of Lhant, Asbel and Sophie head to Barona by ship, but two knights begin to chase them after their arrival. The two travel to the Barona Catacombs and find a weak Richard on the ground. Asbel and Sophie learn that Richard's father was killed by Richard's uncle, Cedric. Asbel and Sophie decide to help Richard reclaim the throne and agree to head to Gralesyde to speak with Duke Dalen. While traveling to Gralesyde, the party learns they cannot pass through the guarded Wallbridge Fortress. Asbel and the others meet a young woman namedPascal and manage to pass to the other side of the fortress through the Wallbridge Ruins. While in Gralesyde, Asbel and the others meet with Duke Dalen and create a plan to infiltrate the Wallbridge Fortress.

At the Wallbridge Fortress, Richard is stabbed by a soldier and seems to be dead, but Richard begins to go berserk and slashes the soldier brutally. Asbel yells at Richard to get a hold of himself, which manages to make Richard return to his senses again. After allowing the Gralesyde soldiers inside Wallbridge, Asbel and the party are forced to fight Malik and they defeat him. After defeating Malik, Asbel and the party meet up with Cheria and Richard orders her not heal the wounded of the enemy party. Asbel begins to argue with Richard over this decision, which causes Richard to go into pain again. After Richard recovers, Duke Dalen informs Asbel that he is no longer allowed to travel with Richard. Asbel and his friends are set in a small commando group and manage to infiltrate Barona Castle. Asbel and the others manage to catch up with Richard and join him. Inside the throne room, Asbel and the others fight Cedric and defeat him. After Cedric is defeated, Richard grabs his sword and kills his uncle, despite what Asbel and his friends said. The next day, Richard is then crowned the king of Windol and Asbel begins to have his doubts about Richard.

Richard's BetrayalEdit

The next day after Richard is crowned king, Richard summons Asbel to the throne room and reveals to Asbel that the Strahtan soldiers refuse to leave Lhant. Richard orders Asbel to lead a group of soldiers to attack Lhant, but Asbel refuses and plans to make negotiations with Hubert. Richard seemingly agrees and allows Asbel to do so. Asbel heads back to Lhant to talk to Hubert, but they arrive right exactly when Richard attacks the city. Asbel tries to reason with Richard, but Richard attacks both Asbel and Hubert. Sophie regains her memories and fights Richard for a short while, but Richard remains victorious and tries to kill Sophie. Asbel, after remembering the events of seven years ago, intervenes and manages to attack Richard, causing Richard to stop. Asbel, Sophie, and Hubert are forced to fight Richard and they manage to defeat him. After being defeated, Richard is taken back to Barona by Dalen and his soldiers.


After defeating Richard, Asbel and the party learn that Hubert is being called back to Strahta after his apparent failure at governing the nation. Asbel asks Hubert to let him go to Strahta and try to convince the president to let Hubert govern Lhant longer. Hubert agrees and gives Asbel a letter and tells him to head to Yu Liberte. After Asbel receives the letter, Cheria is kidnapped by Raymond, after she overhears him planning to steal the letter from Asbel. Asbel and the others learn from Raymond that he has kidnapped Cheria and orders Asbel to give him Hubert's report. Hubert arrives and threatens to tell the president about Raymond's actions, but this causes Raymond to stab himself in an attempt to get away with his actions. After saving Cheria, Asbel and Cheria begin to argue with each other. Asbel learns about Cheria's true feelings of how she felt when he left and apologizes for his words. The group returns to Lhant and Hubert gives Asbel a good luck charm to help them on their journey. The party leaves Lhant and takes a boat to Strahta.

After the party arrives in Strahta, Asbel and the others learn that the Rockgagong monster has been running rampant and no can enter the city of Yu Liberte. Asbel and the others still attempt to travel to the city, but the Rockgagong swallows the party. Asbel and the others awaken inside the beast's stomach and attempt to find a way out. The party travels to a building inside the monster's stomach and learn that a swarm of parasites are the reason why the Rockgagong is in its berserk state. Asbel and the others defeat the queen parasite and manage sooth the beast. The good luck charm Hubert gave Asbel in Lhant begins to leak pepper out and causes the monster to sneeze the party out. Asbel and the others find themselves in the desert again and meet an elderly traveler. The traveler thanks them for their work and tells them they will meet again someday.

Asbel Cutin
After Asbel and the others arrive in Yu Liberte, Asbel meets with the elderly traveler from the desert, who is in fact President Dylan Paradine. Asbel attempts to convince Paradine to let Hubert govern Lhant a little longer, but Garret Oswell interrupts trying to convince Paradine not to listen to Asbel. After hearing Asbel's words, Paradine reveals to Garret that he knew all along that Garret worked with Cedric to take over Lhant for his own gains and removes him from power over Lhant. After ordering Garret to leave from his office, Paradine reveals to Asbel that he will have to eventually remove Hubert from governing Lhant, due to the fact that Strahta is on a low production of cryas. After exiting from the presidential building, Asbel and the others help out an engineer working on the valkines cryas in the Strahta Desert Ruins and learn about the giant cryas's current condition. The party goes to the inn and they have Pascal devise a plan to fix the valkines. Asbel returns to speak with Paradine about Pascal's plan and manages to obtain permission to enter the Strata Desert Ruins.

Asbel and the others arrive in the Strahta Desert Ruins and have Pascal fix the valkines cryas, but Richard arrives and drains the eleth out of the valkines cryas. Asbel, again tries to reason with Richard, but Richard sends two monsters to attack the party. After defeating the monsters, Asbel and the others return to Yu Liberte and meet up with Paradine and Hubert. Asbel informs Paradine of the situation and everyone comes to the conclusion that Richard's next target is Fendel's valkines cryas. Hubert decides to join Asbel on his journey, and the party travels to Warrior's Roost to meet a Strahtan spy.


After the party arrives on Warrior's Root, Asbel and the others learn from Fendel soldiers that the Strahtan spy has been kidnapped. The Fendel soldiers challenge Asbel and the others to a match in the arena in exchange for the spy and the party accepts the challenge to save the informant. After defeating the soldiers, their leader attempts to kill the spy, but the Lord of the Arena steps in and knocks the soldier out. The spy tells Asbel and the others that Fendel's valkines is located near the city of Zavhert. The party boards a ship and heads to Fendel.

After landing in Fendel, Asbel and the others encounter an enormous crater caused by a cryas explosion and learn of the nation's drastic decline in cryas. On the boat to Zavhert, Asbel and Hubert argue, due to the fact Hubert does not trust Malik and Pascal. While in Zavhert, Asbel and the others are stopped by the soldiers in the city, but Malik uses his old Fendel military records and the soldiers allow them to carry on. After over hearing the soldiers in the city, Pascal tells Asbel and the party that the Fendelians are using her old plans to extract more elith from the valkines cryas. She reveals that she was the cause of the crater they passed earlier and that extracting too much eleth from the valkines can wipe out the entire Fendel nation. Hubert interrupts and begins to interrogate Malik on his knowledge of Fendel. Malik reveals to Asbel and the others that he was born in Fendel and that he left the nation twenty years before. After Malik reveals his past, Fendel soldiers arrive and threaten to arrest Asbel and his friends. The party is forced to flee from the city and they decide to go to the Amarcian Enclave to get more answers.

While in the Amarcian Enclave, Pascal learns that all her notes have been taken and that they must go speak to theOverseer. The party learns from Poisson and the Overseer that Pascal's sister, Fourier, is in charge of Fendel's extraction plan and that she took Pascal's notes. After arriving at Fendel's research tower, Fourier tells the party that Kurt Bessel of Fendel knows where the valkines is located. Asbel and the others head to Fendel tower and find out that the valkines is inside the Fendel Glacier Ruins. Kurt arrives and the party attempts to make him stop experimenting on the valkines. Kurt explains to the party that Fendel's top scientists have proved that nothing will happen by extracting more elith from the valkines. Kurt orders Asbel and the others to leave or he will call the guards to arrest them. Outside the tower, Asbel and the others decide they must go to Fendel Glacier Ruins to ask Chancellor Eigen to stop the extraction process.

While inside the Fendel Glacier Ruins, Asbel and the others arrive at the moment the extraction process is about to begin. Kurt intervenes and attacks the party, but Asbel and the others defeat him. After defeating Kurt, the valkines begins to start a chain reaction. Kurt stabs the extraction machine, stopping the chain reaction, but sadly ending his life. Richard arrives and attempts to drain the elith out of the valkines, Asbel tries to intervene, but Richard attacks Asbel. Sophie manages to fight Richard, but he still defeats her. Richard drains the elith from the valkines and flies off. After Richard leaves, Poisson arrives and tells Asbel and the others that Richard went to find the Lastalia, the core of the planet and the source of all cryas. Poisson gives the party the key to the Archive of Wisdom in the Amarcian Enclave.

Inside the Archive of Wisdom, Asbel and the other learn that the entrance to the Lastalia is located at World's Eye. They also learn of someone named Lambda, a person that attempted to drain all the elith from valkines a long time ago. They read an ancient poem about the Proto Heis and conclude that Richard is attempting recreate the events of the poem. The party leaves the enclave and they travel to World's Eye by boat. At World's Eye, Richard appears again and fights the party. After beating Richard, Malik tells Asbel to grant Richard a quick death, but Asbel denies this proposal. Richard appears to be fighting an internal struggle and begs Asbel not to kill him. Sophie attempts to help Richard, Richard apparently returns to his senses and calls out to Sophie, but fires an attack at her. When Richard begins to form the Lambda Cocoon, Asbel grabs the unconscious Sophie and carries her on his back. The party manages to board the ship and they head back to Fendel.


In Fendel, Asbel and the others attempt to heal Sophie with healing artes. She begins to scream in agony and reveals she cannot see any of the party members. The party decides to head to the inn in Zavhert and let Sophie rest for the time being. Inside the inn, Pascal tells Asbel that Sophie may not be actually human and that Sophie can only be healed if they go to Fodra. Poisson and the Overseer arrive and tell the party that they must go to the Lost Amarcian Archive in Sable Izolle to learn about Fodra.

In Sable Izolle, Asbel and the others learn that they need to find a flying shuttle to go to Fodra. In order to go Fodra, they must tear a hole in the aquasphere surrounding the planet. Pascal tells Asbel that the shuttle is inside the Seaside Cavern near Lhant. While inside the Seaside Cavern, they find the shuttle and learn they must use two heat ray cannons to make a hole in the aquasphere. The one in the Fendel area is not operational and the party decides to go repair it. After leaving from the shuttle hold, the party learns that the monsters from World's Eye are attacking Lhant. The party returns to Lhant and the city is under attack by the monsters. Asbel manages to save Bailey from the monsters, but the monster attacks him instead. Sophie uses her powers and destroys all the monsters attacking the city. After the monsters are defeated, Asbel and the others spend the night at his manor and leave the next day to the Fendel heat cannon.

After repairing the heat ray cannon in Fendel, the party returns to the Seaside Cavern to use the shuttle. When they arrive to the Seaside Cavern, Poisson offers to help control the shuttle. While Pascal and Poisson make modifications to the shuttle, monsters begin to attack the cavern and keep on coming, but Bailey arrives to hold the monsters off. When the party launches the shuttle, monsters attempt to attack them, but Fourier arrives and defeats them. The party breaks through the aquasphere and manages to travel to Fodra. Due to the planet's strong gravitational force, the shuttle crash lands on the planet. Outside the ship, they find out Fodra is a wasteland devoid of life. The party discovers that the shuttle is heavily damaged and they are stuck on Fodra for the time being. Asbel and the others decide that healing Sophie is their first priority. The party spots the city of Telos Astue in the distance and decides to head to the city.

When they arrive in Telos Astue, the party spots a young boy and follows him to get some answers. They follow the boy and find a woman sleeping in a pod. The woman awakens and introduces herself as Emeraude. The party tells her about Sophie and Emeraude explains to Asbel and the others that Sophie is malfunctioning. Emeraude reveals that Sophie is in fact the Protos Heis, an advanced humanoid soldier created by Fodran scientists. She tells the party to go to the Humanoid Research Center to heal Sophie, but she explains there might be a chance the facility's equipment may be broken. The party agrees to still go to the center and takes Emeraude with them. Before they leave from Telos Astue, Emeraude tells the young boy, Psi, to fix the party’s shuttle while they are gone. When the party reaches the Humanoid research center, Emurades tells the party to lay Sophie in the machine. In the middle of the modifications to Sophie, Sophie's memories spurt out, having each and every character come out and show Sophie's memories of that person. However, Sophie's memories of Lambda becomes real, causing him to engage in a battle with the party. When Lambda is defeated, Sophie is slightly restored. Due to her not being able to remember much, they take her to another machine, completely fixing her memories. Knowing that Lambda lies with Richard in his cocoon, Asbel and the others plan to crash through the cocoon.

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