Amuro 2

Amuro Ray (アムロ・レイ) is the protagonist of the first Gundam series. Hailed as a legendary ace pilot by future generations, he is sometimes nicknamed as the "White Devil". He is one of the first Newtypes fighting for earth and Char_Aznable's rival. Both their fates after Char's Counterattack remains unknown and he has been missing in action ever since. Later in the series, the public record says that he was killed during his final act but this is often disputed. In Japan, he's regarded as one of the first heroes of a robot anime who grew from childhood into adulthood.


  • Yoshiyuki Tomino, the author of the Gundam series, has said that Amuro Ray is the reincarnation of Cosmo Yuki, the tragic lead hero from his brutal space giant mecha classic, Space Runaway Ideon.

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