Alphonse Elric During the Season 4 Intro

Appearing as a main character the Full Metal Alchemist Series Alphonse Elric is the younger brother of Edward Elric, taking the form of living Armor for most of the series. Because of his size & more rational personality he is often mistaken as the older of the 2.

The Start of Their JourneyEdit

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5th Laboratory & Faked ExistenceEdit

When in Resembool for repairs Alphonse begins to realize the large gaps in his memory. After deciphering Marcoh's notes, he & Ed sneak into 5th Laboratory, however he has to wait outside because he is unable to fit through the vents & is eventually attacked by Barry the Chopper, who also is bound to armor, although he is no match for Alphonse Elric. When Al reveals how his brother risked his life to attach his soul to armor & save him, Barry claims his memory is fake & that he was never human. Alphonse then questions Barry's memory from when he was human only for the armor to reply "I kill therefore I am!". Scar then arrives in the original anime & Barry activates explosives to escape while he is asking about the markings on his arm. Al then journeys with Scar into the laboratory & they are attacked by the homunculi, who later hold him hostage to make Edward Elric finish the philosopher's stone. After hearing Shou Tucker reveal that he can create Nina's soul using his own memory of her, he further believes that Ed & Winry made his past their conspiracy & even runs away in the original anime. He eventually learns that what Ed wanted to ask him was if Alphonse hated him for placing him in armor.

Teacher, Wrath, & GreedEdit

After stopping at Rush Valley by Winry's request The Elric Brothers went to Dublith. Their alchemy teacher, Izumi Curtis forcefully took them there in the original anime & then left them on Yock Island to reflect on the month they spent there as children. The boys found a mysterious child on the island after returning, who their teacher then let stay with her. After their teacher returned to the island with Wrath, Alphonse fought him wanting to take back his brother's arm & leg from the homunculus. While staying with Izumi in Dublith, Al was captured by Greed & his chimeras, which happened while The Elrics went to get medicine from Dante for her in the Original Anime. Greed asked him about how his soul was attached to armor at the Devil's Nest before his teacher & later brother came to his rescue. When the military arrived, Alphonse was taken by Greed & his group of chimeras as they escaped into the sewers. Here in the Manga, Alphonse was asked to keep Marta safe by the other chimera before they were killed by Fuhrer King Bradley, who then stabbed through his armor & killed her while she was being hidden inside him. Alphonse then found himself at The Gate & regains his memory after losing consciousness. The Original Anime had Greed & 3 of his chimera arrive at a safehouse with Alphonse where Lust & Gluttony awaited them. Roa & Dorochet then stayed sacrificing themselves so Greed & Alphonse could get away with Marta. Alphonse then spent the night keeping Marta inside of him as he was ordered by Greed.

Becoming The Philosopher's StoneEdit

After Greed's Death in the Original Anime, The Elric Brothers followed Scar to Liore, after trying to stop Marta from carrying out revenge against Kimblee, he learned the identity of the Last Homunculus from her, before she died like in the manga. After going to Leore to reunite with his brother, he was transmuted into a bomb by the dying Crimson Alchemist. Scar saved his life by transforming him into the Philosopher's Stone. The Brothers then found themselves chased by the military & decided to return home. On their way they met up with Colonel Mustang & his team, who wanted answers. Al later recieved a phone call & agreed to let Shou Tucker use his Stone to forge his daughter's soul, in exchange for being taught how to properly use it, only to discover that even the Philosopher's Stone operates on Equivalent Exchange.

Meeting FatherEdit

Learning AlkahestryEdit

Fighting PrideEdit

The Week before The Promised Day, Alphonse was captured by the Homunculi after being brought to the gate again. His Armor was then possessed by Pride & was used the night before in Kanama as bait for Edward Elric & Greed. Alphonse was later freed thanks to Fu's Flashbombs & awakened by Hohenheim, who then Sealed him with Pride. Al talked to Pride about the Homunculi having flaws with their plans, while the child was playing with his head. Kimblee eventually arrives in response to the messages Pride sent using morse code & frees them, nearly killing Heinkel in the process. The lion chimera then reveals the philosopher's stone he found in the mine & gives it to Al, telling him to use it to save the country.

The Final BattleEdit


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