Don't take the little prince lightly...

Prince Alor Of Planet Heracles is a regular supporting character in the anime series Go Lion. He is the younger brother of Princess Amue and a distant cousin of Princess Fala. After his family was betrayed by their allies in the Galran Empire, he became a steadfast ally of the Go Lion team and aided them on several occasions.

Raised in a warrior culture, Alor was at first greatly admiring of Prince Imperial Sincline of Galra. He attempted to attack the Go Lion team when they infiltrated his homeworld to stop an attack by Heracles upon Altea, backed by Galra. In short order, Alor's private and public world fell apart. His older brother Samson, made by Galra into a MechaBeastman was defeated by Go Lion and killed by their Galran allies. When his father, King Heracles, attempted to avenge this betrayal, he too was killed. To add insult to injury, Sincline, obsessed with team member Princess Fala of Altea, kidnapped Alor's older sister Amue, who was a distant cousin of Fala's, since Altea and Heracles had been founded by feuding royal brothers. That feud ended for all time as the Go Lion team vowed to avenge Alor's family and recover his sister from captivity. Alor now found himself regent and effective ruler of a world at war.

Alor was still a child, and when he leaped into a rescue attempt to save his briefly escaped sister, he mainly got himself taken hostage as well, a situation that ended in the status quo with Sincline once again escaping with Amue in his clutches.

Alor apparently did an effective job as Regent, for when the Altea-Heracles system was threatened by a planetoid possessing an extremely high gravity well, his fleet was there to support Go Lion and attempt a rescue of the super-robot when the situation turned out to be yet another trap set by Sincline and Honerva. Alor kept urging his fleet to try and save the doomed team, and even risked mutiny when he ignored their safety one too many times. Forced to withdraw and leave the team to their fates, Alor next staged a heroic defense of Altea, a world he once wanted to see destroyed, against the Galrans, the very people he once called ally. As this defense began to crumble against the onslaught of a MechaBeastMan, Go Lion returned and once more saved the day. Her own heroic actions during the battle nearly got the captive Amue killed, but instead caused her to meet Shirogane Ryou, brother of the fallen hero Shirogane Takashi, who helped her to finally escape Galra. Though this obviously delighted Alor, he was less than thrilled when Amue chose to stay by Ryou's side, aiding him in covert missions to undermine Galra's ability to fight a war, fearing for her safety once more.

The young regent (the series never explains why neither he, his sister, or their cousin Fala on Altea are never crowned) is among the rulers of allied worlds who join with Fala in a treaty specifically meant to overthrow and destroy the Galran Empire, an alliance that enables the Go Lion team to capture a Galran weapon that punches through Galra's space defenses and leaves the enemy world open to invasion. In the final battle, Alor's forces and warriors are among those bringing the war back to those who started it. He is forced to comfort his sister once again when she witnesses the heroic death of her love, Shirogane Ryou. Though no mention is made of their ultimate fates, it seems more than likely that Alor became King, given his experience as regent and commander, and the many heartbreaks and traumas his sister endured. No mention is ever made of how the Heraclean throne is inherited; whether it is by age or gender first is never brought up.

Alor is one of a handful of characters to undergo few changes when he became Voltron's Prince Bandor. In the specially-produced second season of Voltron (made by Toei at the request of World Events Productions), Bandor seems to like his sister's rescuer Sven (who survives) and even encourages the pair's budding romance (which seemed to move along faster than Keith/Kogane and Allura/Fala). With the rulership again unclear, Bandor continued to reside on his homeworld and aid the Voltron Force when needed.

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