Akiza is the kind female protagonist of Yugioh 5Ds. She is a psychic duelist and has the front claw of the Crimson Dragon.


Her father was away most of the time when she was a child, making her lonely most of the time. Her physchic was discovered when she was angry at her father. Due to this, she was called the "Black Rose" (Black Rose Witch in Jap. version). She joined Sayer and the Arcadia movement, feeling she had nowhere to go. She appeared cold and pathologically sadomasochistic girl. She learns how to control her powers while in a rematch with Yusei when her father was about to be hit with a table. Because of this, she develops romantic feelings for Yusei, but she never revealed this to him. She leaves Neo Domino city to study and become a doctor. She was about to tell Yusei she loves him, but instead says that she loves the time that she spent with him.



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